1. When the Cape is painted, the back of her actual chest will paint as well as the Cape

  2. While I dream of a dommy mommy making me her little princess, I'd take any human interaction at this point lmao

  3. Wait, I live under a rock in the US, what's going on exactly?

  4. Scottish have wanted to be their own thing for a while now, to be totally honest I don't even really know whats going on with it and I live in the UK x3

  5. I’d turn the in game chat off, it can get pretty toxic. thanks spamming gets old lol

  6. I really wish console players could see the free chat tbh, I wanna know If I ruined someone's day who plays PC/Xbox as well x3

  7. I can confirm this is true. I help make the cream for around 500 Oreo packages a day.

  8. Oh no, it seems I reposted this meme in like 5382772 different subs, I really hope a cute femboy doesn't show up at the foot of my bed

  9. It's changed a lot since bata, 2 extra factions weakly content and new armour every season

  10. That's good, I was worried that after they added the pirate it was gonna start to die real fast. Good for them

  11. Can confirm I just want another goth girl to crush my skull and call me a good girl

  12. I thought building in ARK was brutal until I played Conan Exiles .... makes me want to run away to Valheims' more chilled building system!

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