1. I mean, arguably tool use is what turned the tide. We had to first make tools to manipulate the environment and survive/reproduce in greater numbers than other competitors. Wolves pack up too, and they're endangered in many places now.

  2. Who’d have thought that the start of human supremacy began because of a long pointy stick?

  3. Mario “if he dies, he dies” yamasaki: “Early stoppage. Does this guy even know how to referee? Smh”

  4. drake the type to say “gobbledygook”

  5. I like to inhale over each grain of rice for 5 seconds minimum each, therefore sucking out the moisture in the grains AND getting a nice little aspirated snack. 🥰

  6. Don’t forget to weigh the aspirated snack on the food scale and log the calories. Don’t want any sneaky calories getting through under your nose now, do we?

  7. "Sir you have been sniffing that one for 15 minutes, we need an answer now!"

  8. “Wait! Hold on, I think it’s coming to me…. SNIFFFFFF

  9. I'm like a man, just less advanced, and my anus is huge.

  10. God damnit just saw your comment when I linked it lmaooo.

  11. What’s say you and I go toe to toe on bird law and see who comes out the victor?

  12. You lost the moment you mentioned bird law. Everyone knows birds are actually just secret government drones to spy on us!

  13. Some people think they want to get into a fight or altercation. They don’t know that a lot of times you break your fucken teeth or your eye socket gets punched in or you get your head stomped in and all of a sudden you can’t do math the same way you did before. In todays world??? Where everyone watches joe Rogan and 20% of the viewers take jiu jitsu religiously? Yeah not trying to get my arm snapped or break my jaw over an argument

  14. I’m just replaying that one vid in my head where this dude not only gets knocked unconscious, but the other guy even goes and fucks up the dude’s arms by snapping them at the elbow (or is it dislocate? I’m not too sure of the wording). Did that to both arms, and all because the other dude pissed him off somehow. People really need to just let it go, not because it makes you look like a pussy, but you never know how far the other person is willing to take it.

  15. Should’ve thrown it the opposite way, that way he gets to be a good samaritan and help her shave off a couple extra calories

  16. Exactly. So my headcanon ATM is...they didn't. He's been sealed for a long time, blast and his gang are just the current defenders of the seal.

  17. Now the real question… if they didn’t seal him, who did? To be able to seal God is just unfathomable, unless God was bored and decided he felt cute one day and seal himself for funsies.

  18. True, but it doesn’t hurt to know how to defend yourself, or at least be fit enough to run away

  19. Then it’ll go into a sad flashback of Eren’s childhood and how he felt alone, and Naruto sympathising and having his own flashback. Eren then decides to pull a

  20. I laugh every time I see this clip. Letting the transformation finish...we don't do that here.

  21. Eren looking out for the animators by cutting the transformation animation and turning it into a fistful annihilation

  22. Peace, love and happiness? I find that offensive! Are you assuming I’m into that stuff? What if I want to be a miserable sob who sits around on reddit all day? How dare you!

  23. Would rather hear this a thousand times straight than that “no no no no” song

  24. It’ll be hard when the guys swinging your ripped out dreads as a weapon keeping you out of reach. I’m just joking, ripping out someone’s hair is pretty cheap so all civility is out the window basically.

  25. Imagine getting yo ass beat with your own dread… must be dreadful to think about

  26. Would be pretty dumb if it were a light parry. I could start the move, leave, and by the time the move is done, I’d have bought a house, found a wife, have 3 kids named Timothy, Clarence and Cindy, grow old and come back to the game, only to accidentally tap the dodge button and get guardbroken and thrown off a cliff.

  27. Btw, this leak is fake. Just in case anyone was taking it serious

  28. Nah bro I saw into the future and extracted the knowledge from the “To Be”. The result is tesla winning through pinning Beelz to the ground before unzipping his pants and pene—- what? Wrong universe? Meh, just trust me bro he wins.

  29. That's an odd way of saying, "I took one observational sentence and formulated an entire argument against points he never made."

  30. Bro writing mountains of texts instead of saying “mb bro didn’t know thts wot u meant” and moved on 💀 I guess when you cross a grand canyon, the next best thing to do is climb Mt Everest

  31. Sweet Jesus. I cannot express how much I love that you went back and checked the data to find the problem. AND that you were so receptive to others' advice. I loathe the posts where people make it sound like they are doing literally everything right and are mad at the lack of results but also don't double check or even actually take any advice lol. It kills my soul a little bit some days.

  32. Don’t forget to also include all protein shake bottles to not smell like death when you do happen to forget about them.

  33. You can sell it. You just have to pay off what you owe with the money

  34. So you’re saying if I level up my speech to 100, get the charisma buff from the Bard’s College and get the perk Silver Tongue….I can get a car, do a payment plan, sell the car for more than it’s worth, and use that money to pay the original guy the original price of the car while I keep the change? I’m about to be rich!

  35. Oh ho ho I don’t think so buddy. You’re stuck with the rest of us morons for life!

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