1. Marbella and Sotogrande are just like the fake part of LA bubble. Lots of rich vegans and show off going on.

  2. Go to see doctor, tell the situation to them, and don’t let your boyfriend know! If possible, setting a miniature camera and record video when you bf cooking, and searching his all browsing history and online purchasing records.

  3. There are private laboratories that analyses poison or bacterias etc.. google it! It may have a different name in your country🙇🏻‍♀️

  4. I had a very very well paying job (simultaneous interpreter) but working like crazy even though i could travel a lot for work etc. One day simply quit my job and decided to became freelancer. It got me into a totally different life. There were many difficulties on the way (lots of paper work for new countries) and sense if being alone and try to make new friends, try to connect my self and even dating. Things were rough and then smooth and then rough..So never forget that you take yourself with you. If you are trying to escape from something inside of you first face with it because even in the other side of the world you will feel same and you will have same experiences with people. Secondly i have learnt that i need to have a very strong nerve system to deal with things in life. After 5 years of experience today i am in a place again I want to move and start from 0. But as i am wiser now first i will take a me time and see exactly what i want and what i dont want. Good luck on your journey

  5. Múdate a un sitio sin vecinos. En lo que pasa fuera de tu casa no puedes hacer nada.

  6. No la compres. Los procesos judiciales por echar a okupas son muy lentos y difíciles (los okupas se agarran al derecho consittucional de una vivienda digna), no esperes resultados en menos de 5 años.

  7. Si bueno la casa de okupa está pareada de la casa que queremos comprar pero por con los daños que ocurrió a los paredes hay daño también en esta casa…pues gracias la mejor opción es de buscar otra casa 🙌🏽

  8. Si te gusta tanto, también puedes esperar a ver qué ocurre con la okupa (esperar 5 años es poco comparado con vivir 30 años en un hogar). Sigue el proceso de cerca, y si la okupa demuestra que tiene un cuadro médico con una enfermedad mental, busca definitivamente otra casa.

  9. Si veo que es otra tema muy importante porque no sabemos si tiene una enfermedad o lo hace para mantener su okupacion 🤷🏻‍♀️ muchas gracias

  10. Pues la verdad es que teniendo en cuenta que en España ni los propietarios pueden hacer mucho con el okupa... Los vecinos ni te cuento...

  11. Because there isn’t just one way or one awakening style or awareness. There are many ways, everybody has different journey and different experience and all needs to be respected. Just don’t get lost in the extremes.

  12. I guess you understand this (teachings are just teachings, you don’t need them to enlightened) after a certain amount of time and experience.

  13. Creo que la palabra “bloody” no es tan ofensivo como “puto guiri” just sayin 🙄 pero el hombre me suena maleducado

  14. The best teacher is you and people come to your way. Read more (from different perspectives) and inform yourself more. When you learn how to trust yourself more, trust your decisions and gut feelings more, you will see that you don’t need any other teacher or guru!

  15. Please note that this sub is not about Kundalini Yoga (KY), and especially not about that kind of KY taught by the one who was called Harbajan Singh Puri, aka Yogi Bhajan. KYYB / KYatbYB.

  16. In the past I have related to this cult…and when I discovered what is going on really I had a big disappointment. I wasted my money and my time. When I found out that his first students were drug addicts I was very surprised. So it is very easy to get hooked. I cant say it didnt help me but right now all I can see is KY by YB is made for bored and rich house wifes especially living in Los Angels. Or if you are really in need of feeling different, better and important than other people, they give this to you by gaslighting…

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