1. This power puncher has 1 KO in the last 4 years and it's via ground and pound

  2. Algeo was subbed twice, last one almost 10 years ago. I feel like some of these reads are a stretch

  3. That one is a stretch (you can't give all the possible context with a word limit). But also, at +950 or +1000 like it is on some books, I think the value is there.

  4. MLB Gambling Podcast on SGPN has a ton of info and runs down games every day

  5. With the votes the way they are (135 to 96 when I voted), it has a 41.5% odds for Blanchfield. The implied odds of +137 is roughly that, which is right around where I've seen her this week.

  6. Markcast and XFL gambling podcast are what come to mind. Xfl gambling podcast has multiple people

  7. Truthfully I’m banking on Phillips being the closer.

  8. There's definitely a chance of him breaking camp that way - especially when you consider health factors of it all

  9. Yeah but Hill grew up up in he’s game a lot If he fights Craig now it would be goodnight and Hill knocked out Crute.Menifield looks super good in he’s last.It’s a close fight +175 is just way too much

  10. Menifield is 2-1 in his last 3 and both of the fighters he beat are not in the UFC anymore. One of them had a fraudulent record to even get in the UFC. The guy he lost to (William Knight) has not won since.

  11. Putting it that way,Crute lost to Cirkunov and Menifield destroyed him.I’m not saying Menifield is winning on a 100% but +175…

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