1. I dont fully agree with this answers.Yes,there are some "rednecks" and people are certainly conservative,especially in villages.But to say that Cretans are aggressive and gun-crazy is a total mispresentation,at least where I am from.There are some bad apples that have shaped this image of Crete,but it is mostly false.

  2. it's so sad to be in such a breathtaking environment like Greece, a pearl in this world and the birthplace of democracy , philosophy. I mean even Lesbos had a crush on Aphrodite and so many greek philosophers where obviously gay and then being scared to be who you are, to be understood and face discrimination and threat.

  3. Unless you intend to make friends with some peasants mentally stuck in the past century, you will be fine. Just make sure to learn the language otherwise you will always carry the stigma of "the evil German". The battle of Crete really messed us up.

  4. Hey :) thanks ! I do speak Greek though but not that perfect :) just sad that the wounds are still so deep

  5. Oh yes there is. It is the natural regulator of one selfs ambivalence between the Eros and Thanatos. The regulator doesn’t regulate in the way to equality but it regulates in favor to stability not of the personas but of the system. This is why the the personas will die before the system dies because the system is the mirror of one self’s dilemma of the dialectic of life.

  6. Yeah I also meant that work is different then exploitation while in our days we equalize them without being conscious about it.

  7. This needs to relate more to the abolition of work, or why work should be abolished. Maybe talk about how the inherent hierarchies in the work place make it so respect only goes one way which makes it ripe for abuse and discrimination. But those are just my thoughts after reading this- relate it to work however you'd like. Thank you.

  8. But work in itself is natural right ? It is just the implementation or constitution of it that is wrong right ?

  9. Was haben Fachkräfte mit Rentnern zutun ? Was haben Fachkräfte mit promovierten zutun ? Eine richtige Sophistin.

  10. Thought about that so man times. Sleeping in a hammock. What is holding one back ? I guess it’s fear

  11. For sure ! You do what you make you feel comfortable!

  12. Hey, thanks for sharing ! I started on nebido and I had a really bad experience. After the injection I was sweating and shaking and I wanted to throw up, I couldn’t eat for two days straight and I couldn’t walk a hundred meters because of dizziness. After 1 week it was okay. Also It still hurts sometimes on my butt. I switched to gel and I am completely fine with it. I am jut concerned that the shots are stronger and thus more effective for a voice drop let‘s say. I gained around 6 kilos in 3 months on gel. I am considering switching to Testoviron 250 mg every 3 weeks. I feel more comfortable having a smaller amount injected directly but my doctor said he would not advice me to inject it intramuscular by myself even a lot of guys do.

  13. Shots aren't stronger so using gel shouldnt have any impact on your voice dropping or other changes, that is a myth.

  14. Thanks ! Yeah I feel my face is also a bit puffy :) I think that shots have a different kinetic while the gel is more constant and has not the high peak at the beginning.

  15. Hey. Yeah we all live on a spectrum. Dark red is still red you know what I mean ? So there is not that one way of being trans. You can check out chella man on Instagram he also doesn’t have bottom disphoria. I think it‘s good advice to take your time to explore and experience yourself and find out what you need. There is not that one way to do things

  16. No. Sexuality has nothing to do with gender identity. Two different things :)

  17. Grüß dich ! Ich bin selbst Transmann und studiere Soziologie im 6 Bachelorsemester an der Goethe Universität in Frankfurt.

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