1. Hope the next big balance patch is as big as the last one and keeps doing bold changes like the Lucian one.

  2. From our current understanding all balance changes moving forward will be the same size and will aim to bring different archetypes out of the shadows (like Lucian / Daybreak)

  3. Can i start a run on saturday to finish it on sunday ?

  4. So does that mean we don't even get a scheduled balance patch every 2 months? They are just gonna do it when they feel like it huh.

  5. No worries that's what we are here for!

  6. Runeterra Opens are the new monthly tournament. They are replacing the Seasonal Tournaments that ran at the end of an expansion. We did a

  7. Do we have any info on if the schedule will be like Seasonals or like current dailies for check-in?

  8. Please note these dates are not confirmed by Riot however using the information they have provided so far this is the best guess for event dates. If there are delays we believe it will have a knock-on effect changing the dates shown.

  9. It will be live on the official LoR twitch channel.

  10. Are we expecting Daily Rumbles to begin on the 8th or 9th?

  11. My best guess would be the 8th when the patch drops.

  12. - First Variety set drops in March.

  13. Thanks for the reminder! Post had been edited.

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