1. I imagine the next album will be a little heavier. More of a return to form to FDTD. Danny lost his wife, house and dogs it seems, and now his ex wife is with Tilian. I’m pretty sure they were friends? Don’t know for sure but breakups are always hard. Hopeful the next AA record hits those feelings in both heaviness and emotion.

  2. Lmao that man did not lose his house and dog. Thor was victorias dog and cowboys his and it’s been obvious on socials that the dogs have been going in between their homes and Danny posts from their house. Victoria is the one that lost her home and moved to Orlando. Maybe he will make a song about how he lost his wife and it probably will be heavy. But those things aren’t true and tilian and him aren’t friends they don’t even follow each other nor interact and there’s no Interactions between Victoria and tilian before their split

  3. This is a basic defense coupled with his father issues, God being the all father after all.

  4. He uses the same writers to write the same character BECAUSE he has no range.

  5. 10 years ago Black Adam would have been an awesome movie. DJ has some range, but for the last decade he did the same thing he did with Black Adam because that’s what brought in the money. But CBM audiences expect more than they did before.

  6. I have a hard time believing any movie would be bad like this but it makes the great movies unforgettable

  7. Star Wars was the thing for me as a kid. Star Wars and Batman. Watching it played live and forgetting that the music and the band are right in front of me... they were perfect. Absolutely unforgettable

  8. Is the audio of the film itself really low and the band is really loud? I am a bit confused as to how it is different to a regular movie besides the live band.

  9. No. If done right, it’s just like watching the movie at home or in a theater. But you can see the musicians playing along. I can’t speak for anything but my experience, but it was perfect.

  10. She’s literally only saying this to cover her own ass for making shit up and saying stupid things and then getting called out and debunked by Gunn. Which he’s done to her before 😂

  11. I liked it but what never made sense or sat right with me was his attempt to kill Ben in his sleep. Luke at that point in time wouldn’t have been the dark moody cranky old hermit that he was after Ben brought down the temple. But I enjoyed his arc just fine. Didn’t like TLJ all that much either

  12. What are the odds James is the guy to restore the Snyderverse?

  13. Never gonna happen my guy. They are going to make their own plan, no sense for them to go backwards instead of forwards you know?

  14. I’d wanna give it the Harley Quinn treatment. Adult and humorous

  15. Agree with this. And I also feel that - aside from Wonder Woman and Aquaman - there’s just way too much baggage that comes with bringing back Snyder’s JL actors to this new DCEU. Cavill and Affleck were probably the only one that faded away without much drama, and bringing one back is already a success imo, while if the other isn’t interested then there’s no point trying. Separately, Miller did crimes and Ray Fisher has some beef with WB and is probably black-listed from them.

  16. Bro they aren’t hard rebooting the whole thing. They’re going from where we are after The Flash, and everything before it. Ben coming back as batman is up in the air for all we know for sure. They can recast and just not even mention it if that’s what happens. It’s not gonna be an entirely new universe, just a new motive. With a real plan

  17. Nope still nothing! And on Ticketmaster it says that my tickets are “Voided”

  18. Oh I know, but it also seems you’re completely unaware of how groundbreaking they were for miniature sets as well

  19. It’s very possible we were both wrong to some extent, but I’ve got you here to show me the way 🥰

  20. It’s funny because this is a Star Wars rabbit hole in a Batman sub but I digress,

  21. Anyways we’re getting married next weekend if you wanna be there

  22. Bump bump Haven’t received my Ticketmaster refund. Anyone else get their refund yet?

  23. It’s been literal weeks since this thread and first thing you do is tell someone to kill themselves? I feel bad for you

  24. I wish there was another season this year' why wasn't there!

  25. Discovering Oceans - City in the Sea is exactly what you’re looking for

  26. Sylar’s main and sole power was seeing how things work. This was basically explained with his father teaching him how watches work. He understood. That’s how he learned to take others peers from them from their brain. Dr. Suresh only showed him exactly how to use it. I miss this show so much. Zachary Quinto was an incredible villain, and up until season 3 this was my favorite show. Thanks for the throwback.

  27. I loved season 2 personally. Everything after that was almost as bad as a CW show

  28. If Brian from Currents or Rory from Dayseeker left idk if I could ever listen to them again if they kept going with someone else

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