1. OK Max, If you want something to happen, get it done yourself. You are on the right track making things public and documenting the process; And you should be going a step further, get fit, get strong, go to this fathers house, and punch him in the face a few times, and rescue the damsel in distress. You probably aught to do this with friends, and fall off the grid for a while after. getting to this point can take a year or two, but the way the police are handling your claim, doing it yourself might be faster.

  2. paintball guns and black powder rifles.

  3. These are statue representations of a part of your brain. perhaps the pons, perhaps the whole interior.

  4. So I've heard demons love messing with peoples little shiny things. My ex had a gremlin that did that a lot; a little shadow being I've seen.

  5. Watch the Snow Piercer movie. They want you to eat bugs because you are the ones at the back of the train. Nobody in the front eats bugs, Its a status thing. Also the bug protein bars remind me of Soylent green, which is human bodies in an algae-pool, feeding algae and packaging the algae as human-food. Bug-meat will be called alternative protein, which could be said about human meat and human-fed algae protein.

  6. Cash will be as worthless. No cash. Get things, tools, silver ect. A hammer is a hammer will be used as a hammer, and will be worth 1 hammer.

  7. I just tried this. 235000000 results at page 12 showed like 235 results. Maybe results=results*100,000+(randomNumber)

  8. ok...why tf does this have anything to do with CERN. stuff happens, and everyone seems to be using CERN as an excuse for it all. Maybe CERN was just one of the many things that happened at this time, and not the cause of anything.

  9. I've seen this for real with people. People get so drugged up that they think they're paranoia and thoughts are correct, and you cant dissuade them from that no matter what.

  10. I've had dreams of places that I've lived, where if I squeeze through a narrow outside basement window or garage window, there's a whole other half of my house being unused. there's an upstairs, main level and stairs between, and balcony, kitchen, a whole place. a few cobwebs, but no creepy feelings, its just there, unused. It feels so real, I've looked for the window that I used to get in, and I just cant find it. At one home, I went through a short window in my garage on the ground, and there were rows of shelves, for acres, dedicated to food storage; a place that my gramma would have built and stocked. It always feels completely architecturally plausible.

  11. Hey guys I bought the keyboard yesterday but my whole keyset is red, whenever I change my polling speed it changes to the prrofile for a sec then red again, always. It's colourful when i turn it on and then red.

  12. Dont eat meat, its got parasites. Dont eat sushi, its got live parasites, bugs have them as well. the conspiracy part is that they dont tell you this.

  13. It is what it is, felony flats...would you rather these guys be wandering the streets bored and homeless? This is what we get when no landlord accepts felons into homes or apartments, everyone gets to be together Also...do you really think they're not supervised? There's no good cop that wouldn't drive past a place like this twice a day...in my head. And I've seen FBI surveillance drones on wifi often, at trailer parks I have visited. and vans, and seen vans...

  14. I would very much like access to a collection of books containing knowledge that once was secret. Thank you.

  15. Fluorine attaches to Everything. which is why it would be used in mining, which isn't just breaking rocks up, and heating them, but several chemical processes as well.

  16. this guy looks like julian assange

  17. there once was a story of a missing article in the 14th amendment, which was agreed and ratified, and in later copies, it wasn't part of it. there are original copies that exist, with it spelled out.

  18. Elf lady, gandalf sauromon Legolas and a king...bottom left king...no, Aragorn, after he becomes the king. The three most powerful people in this world, and an army behind them, doesnt matter who's fighting against you, you will win. And Legolas.

  19. Its charles prince of wales That title =666 The antichrist and a cup of tea...yt vid

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