What famous person needs to be ignored and shunned into obscurity ?

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

I needed this today

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A sense of impending doom

  1. Have you tried playing something else?😜 Maybe Motorola doesn't approve Ye 😉

  2. Dude you're not supposed to swallow the whole thing. Come up for air bro, you're choking

  3. Free speech at work, what are you complaining about? Haha

  4. Depending on the poll results. Would it mean that Trump could get banned again?

  5. Woke – essentially meaning being aware of the world around you

  6. No being woke went from well meaning to being annoying. The funny part is we’ve seen this play out before and it didn’t end well.

  7. That is not in the context those t-shirts were created. Trump's era really changed it into a word that is now taboo or only used to attack a group of person.

  8. Absolutely. There are a lot of hungry people out there who aren't afraid to work hard without feeling entitled to an ultra relaxed slow-paced luxury work environment.

  9. That is not the point, they might be unemployed hard workers, but that doesn't make up for their lack of experience.

  10. Lack of experiences good. That means they can learn and be molded to fit the company goals. Sure they're likely to make mistakes along the way but he could be building a way stronger foundation.

  11. Why does it always have to come down to a liberal agenda??

  12. Jack white is the lead singer of the white stripes and raconteurs. Very talented musician.

  13. For those who are asking "who the f*** is Jack White", I'm guessing Trent Reznor must also not ring a bell

  14. This doesn't work when your productive people have better options. Even many people on employment-contingent visas quit.

  15. I totally agree with you. People that are running the show at Twitter probably left already, they knew what they are worth outside. They wouldn't stand for this tirany. Only insecured people will be staying in my opinion. Insecure people are not necessarily "la crème de la crème".

  16. Will he fuck off? I mean, literally! When is he planning on moving to Mars?

  17. Avant de me faire down voter, prendre note que j'ai répondu uniquement à la question posée

  18. Être mononc' n'est pas synonyme d'être un boomer 😉

  19. Certains ici ont l'air de pas savoir c'est quoi un immigrant.

  20. Tu as raison, on vois la belle mentalité de certaines personnes ici: immigrants égale automatiquement du monde sans éducation que tu peux payer pas cher. Bravo.

  21. Banning handguns was a misogynist position from the outset. The revolver was the "great equalizer" that made it so that larger men could not prey upon smaller persons with impunity - especially women and the elderly. The average female victim isn't winning a knife-fight and definitely isn't winning an unarmed fight with the average male committing a mugging or assault. Removing the right to self-defense with a firearm is just leaving women, the elderly, and those with limited mobility at the mercy of criminals.

  22. Before the ban, citizens with the right permits could ONLY use handguns in a shooting range for sport (unless it was required for your job, such as police officer). The few people that wanted one, needed to pass a few courses to get it (legally). We do not have the "right to bear arms" mentality. Some women carries bear mace, which is pretty f***** good deterrent!

  23. I’d say that yes it’s important that stores use and serve people in French. I don’t think it’s disrespectful or something. You could still get service in English. Why do you guys have to get so heated in the comments? I’m proud to be québécois and to be able to speak French here and I’m also proud to be bilingual and to know English and more languages. I’m also proud of all the cultures in this province. Guys whatever your beliefs for the language problem here in Quebec, don’t be a POS.

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