1. Not a question but I'm really excited to see you in MCC! I hope you become a regular and dominate!

  2. im just very confused by what you meant - ive been friends with sand for 6 months; im a mod in both his server and his twitch and ive played with him a 1000 times

  3. What are some people outside the main DSMP/HBG community you'd like to team with

  4. Aqua16 is equal to Aqua20 which dominated, its imo stronger than Purp16 and Mustard18 atm

  5. Looking at the stats, Sapnap gets another cracked team (again)meanwhile Tinakitten and Dream gets the lowest average team for the second time in a row.

  6. The entirety of Purple 22. I wanted Punz and Gem for a long time and thought that they'd mesh well together but the vibes were much better than I expected, same goes for Punz and Cub.

  7. Good sim but the only thing I have a problem with is Punz out of top 5 - hes been in all 9 canon s2 mccs up to this point and has only been out of the top 5 twice, placing top 5 on weaker/teams that underperform like Aqua18, Purple22, and Orange20.

  8. just because we want something doesnt mean we have to send hate to scott for giving us said thing.

  9. tapl and punz redo! after tapls return to form in pride id love to see him team with punzo again and have them both get a s2 win! Maybe team them with Gumi and Elaina?

  10. It was before mcc 22 where he had one underperformance, reddit has a lot dream fans and haters, i would like to see dream get top 10 on a bottom half team! but he is diff s tier, Hopefully we see antfrost pop off in a canon event and become s tier!

  11. you were literally one of the people claiming he wasnt s tier in the atmcc discord after 21

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