I created some Entomology Charts for the glyphids and other enemies the dwarves face on Hoxxes. Hope you like it!

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  1. Im obsessed with it. Have it on PC, but i never found myself playing it much. Id always pick other games. But on phone, its perfect

  2. Me too, I’m playing this a lot more than my switch version when it first came out. The session time and controls are actually quite fit for mobile. Even if I only have 5 minutes I can whip it out for a quick mission

  3. What are you drilling on a job site, are you a core driller?

  4. Quarries, mostly. No specific job yet. Gonna do general training fist

  5. How long until you get your C4

  6. They didnt even talk about my power drills yet, so who knows when they'll issue me my full kit

  7. Me on land: rational, intelligent, aware of the creatures around me and their physical limitations

  8. I half expected them to ride horses onto the stage with "Shpadoinkle" playing

  9. Well hey now, if they go 'round spendin' all that money, they're gonna have to work twice as hard to print more!

  10. In order to make any changes to United States currency, the Federal Reserve, along with the Treasury Department, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and the Secret Service must discuss any possible changes based upon threats and issues. There is then an intradepartmental committee who suggests changes to the Secretary of the Treasury who would then approve of the changes.

  11. Welp. I suppose i should have guessed the answer would be "because bureaucracy"

  12. This is fantastic, OP. Please do more. You could make a killer "field guide" to Hoxxes

  13. I appreciate it! Also Jacob is on here fairly often so if he likes it I'm sure he'll show the crew :)

  14. I liked how he was in so many king of the hill episodes lol

  15. For most of that shows run, i wasnt even aware Chuck was a real person. I just thought he was a character

  16. Only thing I pray to RNGsus for consistently in-game is a free BL II... always puts a giant smile on my face and reaffirms my faith.

  17. I just went through a run where i received defence drone 1 for 9/10 of the rewards. Was pretty fun watching 3 defence drones shooting down the flag ship missiles though

  18. Are you saying people are sick for advocating birth control? Cause thatd be a pretty stupid thing to be upset about.

  19. "cash chucker" hahaha fuck what an episode

  20. I love it. All the racist tropes changed ever so slightly cracks me up. The lower case 't', the spooky ghost costumes, its great. Then Garrison at the end "Ya and at least we finally got rid if all thos ni-"

  21. Pandemic and Pandemic: The Startling top tier randy episodes

  22. Alright, so there's actually a super easy way to fix this issue that not many people know about and it honestly changed my life.

  23. Ok can you explain why this sail is an advantage? Cause i dont see it

  24. Sometimes you run out of ammo, and the spirit of Karl overtakes you!

  25. I thought it was a callback to the Kaiju Skinmites in Pacific Rim.

  26. What an amazing movie that was. It advertised giant robots punching interdimensional monsters and it delivered giant robots punching interdiminsional monsters in beautiful high definition

  27. I’m going to get flamed here but the Simpsons have done it for longer. You may not find it entertaining anymore (I’d mostly agree with you) but the Simpsons have been and will be ingrained in American pop culture for a very long time. You can’t tell me that a pink frosted doughnut with sprinkles doesn’t instantly remind you of homer. The quality of episodes may be down but the impact they have made isn’t going anywhere.

  28. Simpsons is a "ship of theseus" show. If the entire crew that started the show has been changed over the years, is it still the same show?

  29. Can't believe they don't like shortened words. I'd never imagine someone wouldn't like them.

  30. This is the second titanfall comment ive seen on this thread and it makes me happy

  31. Rock and stone miner, what company other than DRG do you work for, I'm an angel city elite

  32. The worst new achievements are definitely the heat sinker 8 damage and cataclysm 20 mountains destroyed.

  33. Apparently you can use mines to get the 8 damage. I pushed a 3 health vek into a mine and got the achievement.

  34. A good tip is to just ignore them and play the game, most of them you will get without even noticing

  35. Eh, chasing it isn't taking away from my enjoyment. This is how i approached FTL and I've yet to be burnt out on it

  36. My secret with them is I punch everything until they die

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