1. I launched my radio show today, showcasing the most loved melodic and prog house tracks I play on my twitch stream. I decided to do a much faster style of mixing than I usually do (on twitch I usually play the whole song and do long transitions), so I’m hoping it worked! 😅 the set ended up being 48mins due to the faster mixing, take a listen and I welcome any feedback that will help me improve on it if possible

  2. DDJ-400, really want to upgrade to an RX3 so I can have effects on the controller itself instead of having to scroll in rekord box!

  3. To everyone saying buy your music, so paying £18 a month to stream Beatport isn’t enough? I stream up to six hours a week on twitch, if I bought all the music I play I’d be spending hundreds a month to keep my streams and music fresh.

  4. Some people just want to yell at clouds

  5. What RAM is everyone typically opting for? 16 or 32gb?

  6. I read the more ram the better cos you’ll have less lag when you have a lot of plugins etc

  7. I am in my 40's and rediscovering how to DJ without vinyl... Definitely go for it.

  8. I am 47 and recently returned to DJing and creating my own trance tracks again. 20 years ago, I abandoned it, thinking I was too old. :)

  9. 44F here. Also abandoned 20yrs ago and recently returned!

  10. I'm not quite ready to meet new people in that way!

  11. Should you enjoy music as much as you do or limit yourself? I don’t understand the question?

  12. I change the tempo on the tune playing, done it many times. Especially on the 1200 MK2 as the pitch control would play up when it got near zero. Sometimes the only way to sort it is to speed up or slow down the song playing.

  13. I had Soundlab Belt drives. I'd love to have a go on them again. I would be terrible now. I had to place a coin on the headshell so I could scratch - or at least attempt to scratch!

  14. OMG I remember that now! Having to weigh down the head shell!

  15. Fuck this is the end of human creativity, its awful to read what it's capable of.

  16. Except no computer will ever have intuition, intuition doesn’t come from human conditioning and programming, it’s ethereal and it’s the seat of true creativity

  17. I’m gonna come at you from a different angle here my love, work on your confidence first. Closed mouths don’t get fed, you gotta decide that you deserve to get fed and therefor deserve to take up space in the world, because you do. Keep coming back to your why here, why do you want to play music for people to dance to? Let that drive you. Own your desires, own who you are, because who you are is magic, but you’ll never know your magic if you keep telling yourself you don’t deserve to live a good life and keep disallowing the things you want. 🤍

  18. Spotify playlists to find new music and artists to play, sound loud for same reason and other twitch djs to hang out and discover new music. Also my own mixes cos I have excellent taste in music! 😁

  19. This is actually really helpful cos in my day there weren’t so many genres and now it’s confusing, one persons deep minimal tech is another’s organic house 🙃

  20. Twitch DJ here, I hung out in the streams of other DJs and made friends, both with the streamer and the chat. Be a warm, welcoming and valuable contributor and it’s usually reciprocated, but I know the DJ side of twitch is super warm and hospitable naturally.

  21. Also thanks for asking this qu! Lots of great reminders of excellent stuff from the 90s-00s that I’ve forgotten about!

  22. Not 100% sure if this is exactly what you’re looking for but it sounds like it could be, but I play a genre called progressive breaks, you find it often on anjunadeep, I have a track list on my melodic breaks mix on Mixcloud if it is what you’re looking for

  23. I used to party back in the 90s and have gone to events in the 00s, 10s, and now the 20s and have noticed a decline in drug use and a corresponding shift in music preference.

  24. I'd look into restaurants, low-key bars that typically call themselves lounges, and things like that if you want to keep playing out. Those were always fun.

  25. Streaming really is the most fun when you have regulars in your chat who also love the music you play, and you get to do it from your own home and just play music you love to music who love it 🥰

  26. How to build a six fig DJ biz and retire without tinnitus 😆

  27. Wait you can do that? So I don’t have to tape mine down? 😅

  28. This is why I’ve taped my crossfader in the middle so I don’t accidentally knock it one way or the other

  29. I post all my twitch VODs to YouTube here in the UK and only one or two get blocked, the rest just say prohibited but none of them are monetized so they stay up, except for the blocked ones.

  30. I have no idea what a key sync button is lol but I tend to sort my playlists by key and then just adjust the tempo faders to the tempo I want to play in for each track. I’m a melodic/progressive house DJ tho

  31. I have 20yr old mix CDs with no track listings and Shazam has no idea of the tracks either (quite a few were white labels), I’d love to have the tracks as mp3s!

  32. You will notice a huge improvement in the quality of your video if you get a "real" camera vs using an iPhone. I use a Canon EOS R (mirrorless). Sometimes I'm shooting vid from multiple angles, with the EOS and the iPhone 12 (and GoPro too), thinking they are all quality devices, but when I'm looking at the videos in post, the Canon blows away the iPhone quality by a huge margin. The GoPro falls somewhere in between, but the Canon is still visibly better. It's all about the glass.

  33. I have a canon DSLR, what do I need to use it instead of my Logitech c920?

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