1. What are we talking about when we say plenty?

  2. You can get a good hand grinder for around 120 1zpresso jx-pro and the kingrinder k4 are good around that price

  3. Good news kinda the jx pro is on sale direct from 1zpresso if you go to their website

  4. If she can afford at least Delongi Dedica that might be a much better option.

  5. Hmm I’m looking at that one what makes it over double the price other than being a semiautomatic machine? And the trim.

  6. I have this machine my wife uses the pressurized basket and preground cafe bustelo for shots to mix into other drinks and I use a single wall precision basket and a jx pro to grind for espresso. it’s got a few years of use and no issues. Happy with it but I have plans to tinker with it more.

  7. Bro really set out to make the worst possible spartan.

  8. The answer to your title question is a retrotink 2x or 5x but those are either oos/expensive/scarce. I know someone who just got a knockoff retrotink 2x off aliexpress to use with an NES for a relative and they said it works fine but the quality is not ideal.

  9. Doesn't matter if it is more or less fluffy because of air. Not that it is. 17g is 17g and fills the portafilter the same every time.

  10. Density will only be the same if you never change your grind. 17g of Turkish vs 17g of espresso vs 17g of cold brew will not all tamp to the same volume.

  11. He and I are on the same page there. I load the basket with beans and then dump those into my hand grinder.

  12. Comment of the century. this has got to be in a review for the cutters.

  13. I think this was a dream of yours

  14. It’s possible I have absolutely fallen asleep while at my desk with coffee youtube in the background.

  15. I envision a 30-minute Hoffmann video analyzing the differences between storing in rock salt, kosher salt (Diamond vs. Morton, of course), sea salt, table salt (with and without iodine), and No-Salt.

  16. I think the for storage don’t skimp on quality salt only Maldon sea salt flakes will do. /s

  17. Yea xstation doesn't know whether your disc images are ps1 games or not. Rip the audio cd as bin/cue then copy it onto the microsd. Once xstation is loaded, go to options and re-index your games. Then when you go to monster rancher, use the multi-disc option and select the music cd image as the second disc.

  18. it’s a bit fast but i can’t really tell if it’s underextracted without tasting it

  19. It’s was not overly sour just a hint of acid with a walnuty flavor if I could control the flow it could be better but right now the pump is banging away at probably 11bar or so

  20. Is this the dedica? And which grinder ? I have a dedica and a silenzio and able to get 14 in 28/30 out in about 30 seconds. So definitely can grind finer.

  21. I could go finer but with the bag I’m working on now the flavor at those grinds is not enjoyable to me atm it’s darker than I would like. Also the pucks start getting messy if I grind finer right now they are damp but still hold their shape when knocking out.

  22. Imo shock weapons are a solid secondary in btb where you will need to deal with vehicles

  23. I have this machine and for milk drinks it’s fine I got a non pressurized basket and a bottomless porta filter to go with it.

  24. This is deeply comforting imo. Means it’s not just me.

  25. Maybe you got mine, if Amazon moves their open box stuff on to ebay sellers. I bought some XM4s and then they went on sale for like $150 less a week later. I contacted Amazon and was like "Hey can we work anything out?" They told me no, so I put in for a return for the price I paid, ordered a new pair at the lower price, and then just slapped the return label on the new pair since I couldn't be bothered to pack my "old" ones up.

  26. Did the same with a game I bought went on sale the day it left the warehouse. Smdh just credit us the difference I didn’t even care if it was amazon credit

  27. Gotta clean out all that flux, but nice job!

  28. Still got more wires so I am gonna clean it after

  29. Great video! I’m might attempt this a little down the road. Did you just reach out to N64-Freak directly from the GitHub email to purchase the board? How much was shipping for you, just for an idea?

  30. This and deadeye are some of my fave cosmetics this season

  31. That’s what I offered glad I’m not crazy. Two days left and no bids and they turned that down with $66 shipping charge

  32. Not worth the shipping charge alone. I would have shot $50 +$66 shipping for a working one. $175 is my top out for a working classic, it didn't take long to get a like new Pro for $250 and there were quite a few in to $200 to $230 range that were either in slightly worse condition or were a little bit too far away.

  33. Where are you located and when was this because their is like 3 classics (not pro) within a few hours drive all are 300 and up

  34. This was a pet peeve I had if I’m able to look at my armor customization while queueing that’s awesome.

  35. Escalation. hands down. It’s like the FFA that they had in season 2 where you leveled up and your load out changed. (last man standing I think) but it’s team based which makes it not as sweaty.

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