1. I can imagine her and Kim looking like botched twins when they’re older.

  2. This honestly makes me feel sad for her. I don’t think she’s a happy person at all.

  3. Could be true. Remember Kim went to a party(?) in Austria or Hungary with some old, rich dude. Like he hired her to be his +1.

  4. I really dislike dating events after Glu changed the high wine option. So I probably will just go for the clothes.

  5. Her kids will find out and so do their classmates… I hope they won’t get bullied.

  6. I think Kanye said something and made her v insecure about her hands. Maybe he pushed the gloves on her because he doesn’t like her hands specifically. I could def see that.

  7. She said something about feeling insecure about her hands on one of the earlier seasons. I think it was pre Ye, but I’m not sure.

  8. Selena baby no… she has a horrible taste in men 🥲

  9. Lol, he was all she talked about in the first trailer. This season is going to be even more boring than the first one.

  10. 2013, 2014, 2015. Her post Lamar pre Tristan era.

  11. Didn’t Khloe admit that she made up the fertility issues with Lamar for a storyline

  12. She did. I understand that she didn’t want a baby with Lamar, but faking fertility issues is disgusting .

  13. How has this woman a toddler and a baby with those nails?

  14. Yes! It doesn’t fit on any of my hairstyles.

  15. I think it all started with Kim wearing the MM dress. A lot of bad press and weird things have happened since (Kete breaking up, Khloe’s baby, Kim and Khloe looking sickly and waaaay to thin, etc.)

  16. And let’s not forget that the show would be absolutely boring without Kourtney and Khloe (especially the first seasons). Kim would be nowhere without her 2 sisters.

  17. She’s definitely going through something. Look at this TMZ headline they wrote for them weird ass pics. It feels pretty obvious who wrote the headline. TMZ & the family should be embarrassed for this.

  18. “The eye of any straight man”…. Wow.

  19. She looks off (especially the eye-area), I hope everything’s okay.

  20. Kim had a whole fucking marriage of 8 years after being married to this guy for 72 days. Leave the guy alone.

  21. It’s actually kinda sad to me. In the earlier seasons of KUWTK (as a kid and teenager) she was funny, bubbly, had tons of friends. Kendall was the shy one and Kylie was the fun sister. Times have changed.

  22. I don’t understand her fans either… Maybe they hate Kim so much that they need to worship Kourtney, idk.

  23. Which is dumb. Why do Kim’s fans have to hate Kourtney and vice versa? They’re sisters and I’m sure that they love each other.

  24. This is normal to me. These extremely long ass kissing posts (YoU aRe ThE BeSt MomMy, SiStHeR, DaUgThEr blah blah) are weird.

  25. Since when does her bellybutton look like this?

  26. I can’t imagine leaving your baby of two days old at home, just to go out for dinner. You would assume that she wants to spend as much time as possible with her newborn, well apparently not.

  27. 100% if it was up to kim she wouldve dragged it out till the season 2 ended, thats how you know he called it quits

  28. Yes! Now it will be Kourtney & Kim take NY season 2 (Humphries season) all over again.

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