1. Why can't ppl like both? Lol As far as who Robert should be with, I say Holly.

  2. Here I was hoping Dex could turn out to be Ava’s long lost son. A child she gave birth to but was told was stillborn and stolen from the hospital.

  3. If I was a writer Dex would be AJ's son he never knew about with Nikki Langton.

  4. LOL ... Maybe Nina gave birth to all the random characters of GH/PC while she was in the coma. ;) I honestly hope not. I would like to see Sasha stay though - and she doesn't have a lot of connections to PC. I would like to see Nina "adopt" her though. I still wish that Sasha was pregnant with Brando's baby. Enough time has passed since he was hooked, I don't think that will happen.

  5. I actually sort of hope that Willow dies. That way Carly will be in some way responsible for both of Nina's daughters dying before she finds out about them. I hope Willow's baby lives though -- so Grandma Nina can tell "Wiley and Lately" about the beautiful daughters that she had while she was in a 20 year coma - but didn't get to know either of them - due to the selfishness of Grandma Carly keeping the secret of her being the mother to both Willow and Nelle to herself. I think the drama from that ... could be interesting. Especially if Nina goes nutso and enlists Auntie Leisel fresh with her grief about Britta, to team up and take Carly down.

  6. Soaps have always had unlikable characters and I'm a firm believer soaps need bad ppl. And I wouldn't even hate Snarly as much as I do if they presented her in a not so saint-like way. The propping of the character is disgusting. I do like your idea about Willow buying the farm lol. It would definitely take the storyline to the next level and give Nina and Ms Self Righteous more to hate each other over instead of Sonny and visitation with Wiley 🙄

  7. I have to say -- some "bad" people on soaps - have historically been some of my favorites. I agree on needing "unlikable" people, but I think we are supposed to "like" and "root" for Carly.

  8. For me it's both. I've never been a fan of the character (only somewhat liked her when TB played Carly) and I damn sure don't like the actress. You're right. LW plays her like that smug self righteous, self entitled lady who marches back into the store demanding to speak to the manager lol. There isn't any redeeming qualities there. She does terrible things yet claims to do them to "protect" the ones she loves. Uh huh...riiiiiight. 🙄🙄😂😂

  9. Michael Cole getting as worked up over a fake scripted sport like all the marks do lol

  10. The earlier writers strike was in the summer of 1980. This ice princess storyline started when I was a 16 year old girl in high school. Now I’m a 59 year old grandmother.

  11. I was 3 in 1981 when that storyline went down. I'm now 44. Lol I think it's way overdue that GH comes up with some new and fresh storylines. What's next? A back from the dead Frank Smith for the 4th time? lol

  12. Might as well bring Will Smith on and call it the Fresh Prince lol

  13. "Yes. It's like the 80's again but it's written and executed a lot more poorly, folks."

  14. The more I watch “Holly’s return” the more I think - why?? we did not need her at this point - too much already. I am not enjoying her scenes or story line at all. Be gone and now.

  15. I'm not either and I like the character of Holly. I can't believe Emma Samms agreed to return for this crap. Smh

  16. This is the same character who decided to do shots with the enemy while transporting a briefcase with highly sensitive material in it handcuffed to him 🤦🏼‍♂️😂

  17. I miss Reid already. Good first two episodes though regardless.

  18. I have this set - I love it and it has all of the original effects.

  19. Same here. I can't believe it's 18 yrs already since that set was released!! Time flies!!

  20. Bahahaha. If you think writers aren’t going to put Sonny and Carly back together, you don’t know anything about this show.

  21. Yeah that's the problem with this show. Rinse, wash, repeat. I blame it on the writers and clown fans like you

  22. Nah. I gotta have the last word. And of course I respond to other posts. That’s what this thread is for. Healthy debate. Not toxic foul mouthed comments.

  23. I don't see any foul mouthed comments. And if you can't handle my opinion then I don't know what else to tell ya lol

  24. Carlys been in the show a lot longer And was a lot younger, gixe Nina time.

  25. I mean it has to be better than now lol I was in middle school then. I was totally hooked when the metro court hostage crisis was going on and then never stopped watching

  26. I think the writing is worse now. But there's more balance. We see more of the vets. Back then it was all Sonny, Jason, and Carly.

  27. That was one of my least favorite eras of the show. To each their own though 🤷🏼‍♂️

  28. Mac has been on the backburner since 2001 😂😂😂😂

  29. After just joking this sub, why is he hated? Is it the actor or the character?

  30. I know he’s hated on this sub, but at least he’d make the show more interesting

  31. I don't think they really care about the audience tbh 🤷🏼‍♂️

  32. Hahaha yup before we had a vcr I used to run home after school to watch GH at 3:00!

  33. Same here lol. GH was the only one I could watch during the school year because I didn't get out of school until almost three. I remember catching the last ten or 15 min of OLTL. AMC and OLTL were more or less summer viewing lol

  34. I never watched nor paid much attention to Loving but remember his GH death and big return with his keeping Lucky captive.

  35. I was never big on Loving either. I only watched it because it came on right before the big 3 lol

  36. I don't see the chemistry between Dex and Joss. I am fine with other people enjoying their relationship.

  37. They're trying to force something that just isn't there. And Cam is pretty much an afterthought in all this anyway. He's hardly ever shown and he's the one who's being two timed. 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  38. To each their own. I find nothing interesting whatsoever about them. Frank & Co think they're making the next Luke & Laura or something and it's not even close. lol

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