1. It does feel a bit like we've been slowly spiraling downward. Has it really been 2 years? I guess so. I really wish they would NOT put Carly back with Sonny, if the one thing they would have Carly learn and grow over the past 2 years I would at least hope it would be that she and Sonny are fine with co-parenting and that they will always have love for each other, but as a couple, especially as a married couple, they just don't work in the long run. THAT would be refreshing. She is better off without him. She's not better off with Drew, however, I don't know why they felt they had to immediately pair her off with someone, especially him.

  2. Yep. The Nixon Falls stuff started in late 2020. So it's almost 3 years actually! Yeah any kind of change on GH is always quickly reversed so they can keep that vocal part of the fanbase happy. And idk why. It's not like they're gonna stop watching. The same ppl who complained about Steve Burton being fired still obviously watch judging from their comments online. So why they try to please them is beyond me. 🤷‍♂️

  3. If they want to see SB playing the same kind of role, they can watch Days.

  4. Sounds like a good skip day to me. Thank goodness I'm working all day. lol

  5. I enjoy most of the pool scenes. I won't be watching the episode live... I have a work meeting, but I'll watch it tonight. Sounds like the daily thread might be kind of quiet.

  6. I probably will skip that entirely. I'll watch Mon and Tuesdays because those are my two full days off from work every week. And Wednesday I do a short day. But Thur thru Sun I'm basically double shifts and working all day. So if I'm home ill watch. If not I'm not even gonna bother with it. I even took it off my DVR. It's just not "must watch" for me anymore.

  7. Yeah I missed two days last week due to work and didn't even bother watching on my dvr or online. Why even bother?

  8. I wish they would write in more jokes and more camp. (like a sitcom) i miss Heather.

  9. I miss the writing under Ron. Yeah sure he had a couple bad storylines but the show was definitely more balanced and way more watchable

  10. https://giphy.com/gifs/tOslJaILKv8FhReAGM

  11. Old clips on YouTube of when the show was good would be a better choice

  12. They’re letting other stories play out until they’re ready for her to regain her memory. Just gotta be patient

  13. Yeah be patient. 2027 will be here before you know it lol

  14. buff or not i don't like him and i hate that he's mac's kid

  15. Meh. I’m not going to celebrate a guy who’s ego derailed the show for decades. We’re still dealing with the residual side effects from it.

  16. I kind of have to agree. I liked Luke/TG back in the day until his ego went out of control and he started dictating storylines on the show with his "creative control"

  17. Just now a GH post popped up on my FB feed. The topic was Carly+Sonny or Carly+Drew. One person said Carly and Drew and Sonny and Nina. Boy they got an earful. Then one person said Carly on her own. The criticism was why would you deny Carly a man. Everyone else, like 48 out of 50, were CarSon now and forever.

  18. I agree about FB groups. I don't go to their pages, but sometimes stuff pops up on my feed. I know better than respond. I just shake my head. However, they're larger and therefore more influential than we are.

  19. They're not only hypocritical reading their comments but it's boring. Everyone agrees that Carly farts rainbows and Nina is the antichrist on there. Totally boring. 🥱

  20. Hon. None of it is factual. This is about a fictional TV show. And really? In your mind, treating someone horribly (someone who also treated her horribly btw), is enough to never be allowed around Monica's family 30 years later even after apologies and changed behavior. And Carly and Oliva don't make sense because Carly was mean to Dante (who Sonny SHOT IN THE CHEST by the way and pkease dontvsay he didntvknow that was his son 🙄) But literally INDUCING labor in a pregnant woman and stealing her baby is cool because they're "friends" now. Carly should never be forgiven no matter how much time passes but Ava just forgiving Nina seems reasonable to you? Cool. No one said anything about insider information. I just read. I've noticed that a lot of people here seem to tie characters to the actors as if they are the same person and as if they control writers decisions. It's super weird. She moved on. She was seen as a complete psycho as a character and they hired the new Nina because she is "softer" and she would be more accepted by audiences as a changed person. They've been using that trick since the show aired.

  21. Thank you. And by that I mean "Thank you for showing me who the assholes are who lurk in here and constantly downvote me. At least I know who I need to block now

  22. Michael has always been that way - I still remember the moment Jason told him to stop being a little bitch, it was glorious.

  23. They are starting the path to Carly and Sonny Wedding part VII a little early. MB must be ready for retirement.

  24. See I think MB is getting ready to call it a day too. Wouldn't be surprised if we get an announcement in the upcoming months of 2023 that he's exiting. Just from how the storylines seem to be unfolding gives me that hunch.

  25. I just get the feeling he may be retiring soon. The storyline he's in. The fact they've shifted the focus to Carly more in the last 2 years. It's just kinda foretelling when you think about it

  26. So let’s see they’ll have willow want to see Nina or whatever and then willow will hate her when the truth of the Carly/Drew thing comes out. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  27. V, the original miniseries, and V: The Final Bsttle were great.

  28. I loved the theme song to the series though. Not the first one. But the second one they used during the last half of the only season it had.

  29. Lucky you could watch. I was told I was too young

  30. Lol I was intrigued yet scared of it as a kid. The V symbol itself used to freak me out. 🤣🤣

  31. Someone is triggered. If my opinion is that Hollywood is fresh out of ideas, that's my opinion. And many other forums and YouTube videos online show I'm not the only one who feels that way. So kindly fuck off yourself.

  32. You don't understand what the writers are striking about. I'm a writer and I fully support the screenwriters on this one. Look up some facts.

  33. I will. I probably should have phrased it differently I suppose.

  34. So how long until Zeke and Jordan are knocking boots making Curtis jealous? 🤔

  35. Elizabeth has reasons to celebrate? Does Finn finally recognize what boundaries are? 🤷‍♂️😂

  36. Maybe Ava will try to seduce Drew?

  37. She didn't during the custody battle for Avery. She didn't when her children didn't want her with Lorenzo Alcazar and then Franco.

  38. That was under different writing regimes though. This regime sure loves having Carly and her spawn kissing up to each other.

  39. Carly stan sounds like a country between Iran and Russia. I love it. She'd be their queen.

  40. She hates Nina so it is understandable. If someone told Carly that Nina bought world peace and cured cancer Carly would still find a reason to bitch about it.

  41. Carly and her gang of simps have created this mess. They poke the bear (which is Nina) and when the bear decides to fight back they all stand there like " how could you" It's so stupid.

  42. Yeah I mean if that's where they go with it I'll be taking a long break. I'm still holding out hope that none of that happens and they take the storyline in a totally different direction, but who am I kidding. There is no hope with these writers.

  43. I didn't like Niles and Daphne as a couple. In some ways it killed the show imo.

  44. Carly dropped you like a hot potato in your last incarnation when we learned you weren't really Jason and yet you're kissing that woman's ass what a pathetic man. His name isn't Drew, calling him Ryan Lavery or Ryan Seacrest

  45. If Jason resurfaced in Port Charles it would be Drew who AND Sonny who? 🤷‍♂️🤣

  46. Word. I hate the damn pool set. Every story must take place at the pool and then you have to see feet and ugh. No. I hate feet. I hate seeing feet. I hate flip flops. Just no.

  47. Idk about feet. But some of the cringiest scenes have taken place there. 😬

  48. I am working from home today so I had it on, but only unmuted for Kristina and Tolly. I didn't care about much else. Oh, I listened to some of Portia/Jordan's conversation. The show is a bit boring honestly. They need to speed up these plots already.

  49. I watched. Because I won't be able to watch live tomorrow or Fri. Chances are I may just skip watching them altogether. 🤷‍♂️

  50. I skipped last Friday. And from what I heard, I'm glad I did. 🤣

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