1. 🤮 Just when I have shoved that out of my mind, you make me remember it all over again.

  2. Yes, I think that was Lucy's redemption. Kinda sorta😉😄

  3. Here’s what I don’t get: Dominique was objectively a Good Person, right? Like yes she was naive and had issues but if she had a kid that she knew existed she would have provided for said child in her will. The fact that she only provided for Serena shows she didn’t know about Cody? Or thought he was dead? I feel like they’re gonna have her be Nina 2.0?

  4. I don't think Dominique was even around long enough to do anything with Serena was she?

  5. Fair point. But it is the first time that he was on that I actually looked up and went WHAT? Lol

  6. I said "What?" on his date with Britt with all the stupid things he said to her lol

  7. To me, he did not. He’s still a “meh” character.

  8. Seriously! They could have made him the son of Luke and Laura and Lucky's twin and I couldn't care less lol

  9. I read up on her history yesterday since I wasn't watching regularly back then and the soapcentral synopsis of her character said she had a relationship with Mac before Scott...

  10. Yeah but she was also married to a guy while having a going with Mac. I mean they may go there. But it wouldn't make any sense.

  11. I stopped following her on twitter. Your post sent me to check on her feed.

  12. I bet she's heartbroken 🙄😂 Fucking MAGA clown 🤡

  13. Yeah I'm fine. I don't support orange wannabe dictators.

  14. I was also confused at the random question. What does a disabled person have to do with Carly and Nutty Nina?

  15. Snarly: Don't call Carly "Snarly" or "Cujo" That's disrespectful

  16. I voted for Franco. Liesel is funny. But her character can be over the top sometimes. Britt would be in 2nd place for me

  17. It’s laughable that Mac is worried about who will replace him as chief of detectives - NO ONE EVER SOLVES ANY CRIMES!

  18. They should just close the PCPD down and make Sonny the head of mobster detectives

  19. Yup. Her not being able to carry Serena and experiencing all of having a child was part of the storyline of her dying. Fuck Frank

  20. They should have just went with Katherine being his mother

  21. These "no more mob" comments are cracking me up honestly lol. I'm not judging anyone for liking what they like, I just find it funny. It's a big part of the series and has been for close to 30 years, and to offer a different perspective, it's one of the key aspects of the show that sets it apart and keeps it from being just a generic soap. But judging from the usual comments on here, a lot of people would prefer the show to be a generic soap lol.

  22. She has no personality of her own. How can you be a character for 19 years and the only thing you’re known for is that you switch up your clothing and hair depending on who you’re sleeping with. She should be killed off.

  23. The actress tuned out 3 or 4 years ago. She's phoned it in every day she's on since. Why she stays is beyond me? They only keep her on because of her rabid weirdo stans.

  24. No, because you have to make stupid comments on other peoples comments. You didn’t have to say anything to me.

  25. Silly me. I thought this was a forum where we could discuss our opinions. lol

  26. Pout much? Just let it go. Go enjoy your bland boring and annoying couple.

  27. If it was BM playing Drew I'd wanna see Sam and him get back together. I was a huge Dream fan. But since CM has taken the role over I'd rather they didn't. 😒

  28. Regardless Snarly Jr will come out on top and Kristina will be shoved back into the walk in cooler at Charlie's only to be seen twice a year again 🙄

  29. Sam has been second to Carly with the men in her life except Drew. Drew picked Sam and a life as a father. That was the biggest clue Drew wasn’t Jason. Cause Jason would never. Now seeing Drew drool over Carly probably gives her a sick feeling. Idk about y’all but my friend group didn’t date or have sex with someone I have.

  30. This isn't even Drew as far as I'm concerned. It's Mr Rogers on a soap.

  31. Oh well. Sam has no interest in Drew romantically. I can’t stand him but is he supposed to be celibate and ask Sam who he can date? Sam was fine going back to mobster Jason. Did she think about her kids back then?

  32. Is Linc going to be around more because he looked less smarmy today.

  33. Maybe they're grooming him to be the next Sonny. Since everyone is all about finding the next whoever & whatever 🤷🏼‍♂️😂

  34. I’m not enjoying the banter between Alexis and Mr. Chase/Finn. I dont like watching the looks between them. Makes me uncomfortable. Not gonna enjoy watching their relationship blossom, where it seems to be heading.

  35. That scene on Friday between them was boring as Hell. I feel like they're just throwing them together because there's really no one else for Alexis. It seemed like they were gonna go there with her and Harmony. But then the actress left and they figured they had nothing else for Alexis so let's just saddle her with Gregory. 🥱🥱

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