1. I'm so glad even after the HRT Crow still bulking up at the gym.

  2. Against an already built field, Dark Ruler no More is blanket kill on them.

  3. New Solo Gates would be based. Boy I do love 200 gems for playing a shitty deck!

  4. Is it meta? No, not really, and getting 12 streaks might not mean the deck is "meta" if you get to that point playing in Silver, for example.

  5. People like OP finally able to actually use Token Collector solely because of this event and think it's the best shit ever. Hilarious. This thing do nothing outside of the Synchro Event.

  6. Ah yes, the floodgate deck, a truly "original deck"

  7. That's a lot of BM against a failed Exodia player lmao.

  8. Can you explain what you mean with "failed"? Like, what, you bricked? You didn't draw light or water 1st turn?

  9. Well yeah, that's normal. You COULD do similar combo like that if your deck actually allow it. Of course, that means you need to properly build a deck as well.

  10. It's kind of crazy how this game has gotten so fast that we can get a card that essentially says "During your main phase, you can destroy all monsters with 2100 or less attack" on a 1700 lvl 4 and we'll all resoundingly notice that it's way too slow.

  11. Well because it is. Spell/Trap board breakers that don't cost you a normal summon had existed for years, including during the era when the original Wanghu is very playable. Like, Torrential, Dark Hole, and Raigeki ain't new.

  12. Dude got shittier effect from it too, lmaooo

  13. Good. Stay in the list forever more you goddamn squirrel

  14. Handtraps. Like, 90% of them. Droll Lock done very early in their line stop them. Nibiru kills it. Ash on Isolde kills it.

  15. It is how it is. The card text is VERY specific about it lmao.

  16. I mean, not every thing called a Dragon is indeed a Dragon.

  17. Enchantress to 1 won't hurt much in how powerful they are, IMO. Gryphon is still legal and Rite is untouched (still at 2), with Rite and Fateful still being Ash bait so the power of what that engine do is still there.

  18. Gotta add Drident in there because in this event Swordsouls are running Zoodiac engine in them as well.

  19. Ngl, one of the nicest suggestion yet.

  20. Noted! Will do. There will be a part two to this post hopefully sometime tomorrow.

  21. Yeah. Good luck with recording it. This kinda issue is something you want to actually make reports to Konami CS, but of course, you need actual evidence.

  22. There's this card, called Red Reboot.

  23. What are you playing? Level 8 spam? Just change the balls into Lava Golem or Kaijus.

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