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  1. I didn't expect we gonna have one of these anymore,but hey better late than never

  2. U got big dreams friend,and here I'm just hoping that Project GG isn't abandoned

  3. Yeah....after a certain situation with Babylon's Fall, I'm hoping that PlatinumGames isn't finding themselves in deep crap. Sure, they still got Bayonetta 3 to develop and release, but after they nearly went bankrupt before being saved by Nier: Automata....

  4. Also helped by the fact that platinum had work with Yokotaro before so having them bankrupt would've have been a disappointment for him

  5. I dunno what happen,but suddenly this sub have resurgence of horror content although I knew content like this has been posted from the past what inspired you guys to make horror content based off Ultraman? His suits design? The baltans episode?

  6. So hello, dude who made a few Baltan things here (the Dark water tapes), my dumb child self got like PTSD from baltan and I had night terrors for weeks thinking he was under my bed. Thought I’d share my younger self’s fear with everyone else. Now I love the Big Crawdaddy and his dumb laugh (V)oYo(V)

  7. We all fear the unknown the first time we encounter them but the more we see of it the more we are enthralled by it,Baltan is a great example of this,sure people are terrified by him at first (I mean how could u not? Dude have the most evilest laughter there is for christ sake!)

  8. Touhou but instead of playing the main girls they are instead replace with the ultras

  9. Yessss,that would so cool and ultra can have their own unique stage bosses like for Ultraman,the last boss for him will be Zetton but in this fight its scripted for him to lose and instead Zoffy would be the playable character against Zetton!

  10. Live News:Space silver alien came to earth only to kick a depressed ex of a certain ancient giant whom I will not be naming because of the crimes he have committed,that mainly being destructions of properties

  11. Well like hyper zetton then. Human just also need to mutate and evolve. Creating even stronger vaccine to defeat stronger virus.

  12. I love to picture Taro saying he wants to hug Taiga, so he runs at him with Ultra Dynamite

  13. Nexus has the benefits of main characters getting development and world building being superb, while Tiga has a great cast of characters with each cast getting their own phenomenal character driven episode each but safe to say Horii episodes is the best but the tradeoff of this is the main character Daigone not getting his own spotlight at all he's characters is more like Hayata in 1996 ultraman, sure their the hero but in the end of the day they are not the main focus, also Tiga suffer from lack of world building sure we are given an idea of Tiga past but in the we only gets breadcrumbs of the lore nothing more. Compare to Dyna he's "sequel" who's series stories has much more weight and most importantly the main character gets a development. Overall I think Tiga lack alot of things like the main character actually getting developments and most importantly the lore being expand instead of just being essentialy breadcrumbs

  14. in wrestling terms, the character will win without losing to a weak enemy

  15. Wait whose series was a failure? I thought a lot of people loved both tiga and nexus

  16. Nexus was a flopped for tv because the time Nexus show aired is for children while Tsupro was targeting air time for a more adult TV show airtime

  17. Without Aizen I think R/B just become another normal ultra series with a pretty weak story its ok but nothing memorable. But when Aizen was still the villain the show is basically a parody of ultra series lol,I enjoyed that

  18. Yeah no kidding,still sad about the loss of Aizen tho he was funny and make the show enjoyable

  19. Ace and Seven committing kaiju genocide just to convince people they are the best butcher in the universe

  20. Edgeworth being a fan of tokusatsu is still my favorite piece of lore that ever come out from any game I've played

  21. Blacker than a moonless night, hotter than the depths of Hell itself.

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