1. Wdym headcanon? It’s mihoyo who made it possible to play as lumine so it seems pretty canon to me.

  2. Well I wasn’t mad or anything. I laugh at these comments time to time because of how stupid they are.

  3. It don't impact the player but it would impact mihoyo tho . The reason why most people don't have multiple account is the unskippable story . With this player can just have multiple account and roll for every unit . Mihoyo won't add thing that impact thêm negatively .

  4. ....how does that it impact them negatively? Dude it's literally just a quality of life thing wtf

  5. My bet is that she's been fighting for a bit, so her color timer is going off now

  6. It's not blinking it just red and it already looked pretty red in the poster too so hey who knows

  7. At this point Decker is trying to be New Generation everything lmao

  8. I mean already is, it's basically a homage to almost every show in the franchise,I think it's overall really cool and plus they doing a pretty good job at it tbh

  9. Ultra fans try not to blame the writers for writing out an Ultra out of the stories even tho it's necessary for the Main Ultra to grow on his own challenge:IMPOSSIBLE

  10. True,but the fact that it didn't effect the whole story Decker makes this insignificant to be argued in the first place plus you can't tell me you ain't familiar with Trigger/Kengo character as a whole lol,dude is basically Goku of the reiwa ultras minus the stupid decisions and more smile smile

  11. They're all just ok so honestly I'd vote Rust just for having the best mask in the whole game

  12. Kiryu fangirls: Hehehe you're kind and strong. Take me to hotel pls <333

  13. I love haruki and Z bromance it's my favorite. Second being Gamu and Fujimiya

  14. Nexus fans is probably the most hated part of this fandom imo which make sense considering how obnoxious they are

  15. so obnoxious they could make people refrain from watching a beautiful show . it happened to me once

  16. If thats the right guy, yes he is cool. I think its Anpanman?

  17. Nope, nahida has a mother who she erased from the magic tree because anyone remembering it will abuse the world tobe destroyed by corruption

  18. I know the joke, just making fun of the fact that one person actually acknowledging that rukadevata existed would probably destroy tevat

  19. That sounds really cool but i cannot take you seriously because of your name

  20. The ones with the most ridiculous names is the best lol,you can tell this guys are really passionate about it

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