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[Serious] Men of Reddit who have been raped by women, what’s your story?

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  1. I have to disagree, respectfully. Pat has a good job, loving partner, and their own fab Pat style. Pat is unbothered. The butt of the joke is the fact that people cannot get their heads around Pat not being binary, and get themselves into increasingly foolish situations trying to pigeonhole this person who couldn’t care less.

  2. I have a sort of different take. I think the humor is in that the people are trying to be respectful of Pat but they can't figure out how to do that. You have to remember that "non-binary" is a term that was not around at that time bc it was introduced to the public only recently.

  3. Adam Sandler movies are full of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

  4. I'm not sure which movies you mean, but in Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore wasn't the point that his character was an asshole?

  5. We had 2 brothers dig up a corpse and take turns in a neighboring town. Also had amish brothers who got charged for boning some chickens about 30mins away. Its wild out here in the midwest

  6. How did the brothers get caught f'ing chickens? Were they doing it together and someone walked in on them?

  7. No one says that your decision to not have kids might change bc they want you to be unhappy. It's bc they once felt that way and then realized that there is more to life than self-interest.

  8. Copy pasting this weenie baby's comment because it's def getting removed:

  9. Please identify the facts that have been banned and what they actually are. I think the one at issue seems to be violent crime committed by Blacks. What is the lie and what is the actual statistic?

  10. It’s only in between classes, so only for 4 minutes. They don’t want students defacing the bathrooms like they did last year with their poop

  11. My wife's school (middle school), they have a literal Fight Club. Students pair off via social media and meet up to fight in the bathrooms. A third person records it for social media...

  12. No, people are not starting to get it at anywhere close to safe numbers.

  13. I don't understand you at all, what's a beerhall putsch? Was that where the drunk guy in the Viking helmet came from?

  14. “Look at what you make me do” says the abuser to the abusee.

  15. Either you don’t understand economics or you’re purposefully being dishonest. I’ll assume you just don’t know what your talking about so I’ll fill you in.

  16. You are plainly wrong in saying this one-time debt forgiveness only costs $24B. It's not debatable. Nor did you previously say that cost was coming out of an annualized 10-year extrapolation. What you're doing would be like if I was going around saying that I bought my house for $1,000 bc that is my monthly mortgage payment. That's how silly your position is. The actual cost is likely going to be between $300B and $500B. Even your own citation is saying the cost is ten times higher than your $24B number. It's stunning to me that, somehow, you think I'm the one being dishonest.

  17. Good luck with your lies moving forward. Probably read your own citations before supplying them next time, that might help!

  18. I just got some seemingly good news! My household only makes $230,000 annually so it looks like I will qualify for the $10,000 of free money. Hopefully the $400B being spent doesn't cause more inflation, but what do I care if poor people can't afford to drive or eat. I'm about to get paid! What a fantastic policy decision for me!

  19. Didn't even read it, as I assume you paid someone literate to write for you. You appear to be as mentally capable as my table salt, and thats an insult to my salt. Go be...whatever you are...somewhere else.

  20. Who cares, I'm getting 10 grand while fast food workers get zilch. I don't know why you're upset, we both agree this is awesome.

  21. I remember the first time I smelled Bergamot, I will never forget. In case any of you savages don't know, it smells like bags of sand.

  22. Sounds like a McDonalds employee who can’t afford child care. And likely the restaurant is understaffed and someone made the regrettable decision to teach their kids how to help. Sad situation all around.

  23. I liked how you can choose to believe the explanation or not, just like for every other "meaningful" thing in the show. You can be satisfied with it or just accept not being satisfied.

  24. Sexual harassment was definitely a better word to use, anything else?

  25. Maybe you could call it harassment, but I don't even think it would meet that. Unwanted flirting maybe? Really an innocent thing unless you ask them to stop and they won't. I've gotten replies that you are a "victim" and I'm like, no way.

  26. This right here is one of the reasons why people think men get harrased alot less then women

  27. I would agree it's harassment if he asked her to stop and she didn't. Even the OP acknowledged this was only unwanted flirting though.

  28. ONE guy went to jail. ONE. The fact more people aren’t absolutely enraged over this is baffling to me, especially after The Big Short came out and made what happened known in an accessible way for a lot more people to understand exactly what went on.

  29. In all fairness, there wasn't a single cause for the crash and very few people saw the emerging problem. That was the premise of The Big Short, who were the handful of people who actually identified what was going to happen? I don't think prison time seems appropriate just bc a crash happened; did the people working at Lehman and Bear Sterns really know how badly messed up their situations were? Compare that to the crash of Celsius where they clearly knew they were taking on excessive risks...

  30. I don’t think 15 micro sieverts is normal, especially for a school with no kind of radioactive material around. Normal background radiation is like a tenth of that or more.

  31. I was trying to figure this out since the leading comment was 10 per day is normal and I couldn't relate it to the meter. But the meter has a rate of "per hour." So a 15 reading would translate to 360/day. I have no clue what I'm talking about here, but it seems like concern is warranted?

  32. I remember listening to something about her that said, "she is either a monster or innocent." I agree.

  33. I'm starting to doubt you know very much. I own a house inside an excellent school district; that's why I bought it.

  34. The point isn't who had to form it, the point is why it had to be formed.

  35. Yes, that's the point. There's a political party in the US whose policies reliably and predictably turn areas into places you would never want to live. The voters there love it. I don't care, I just don't want where I live to go down the same path. You guys can live in a toilet if you want, just let me continue to live in an area with good schools.

  36. The best part is he's not even trying to bad mouth you and you're just sitting here playing victim. He's just telling you what it is, and you're trying to turn it around on him. So much for "owning up to it". No offense, but I don't see pro-lifers trying to improve life quality of health insurance and general child care for these babies they want people to be forced to have.

  37. Calling someone out for saying "you don't give a shit about these babies" isn't playing the victim. It's amusing to hear you say that bc I can easily recognize you're only doing it to avoid my point. Your solution to unwanted babies is to kill them? What a gross position to take.

  38. You and almost every other pro-lifer out there always says "But you're a murderer, you just want to kill" I'm trying to take you guys more seriously, but how can I when you all bring up the same thing over and over again? Not to say that some people on both sides don't do that by the way I know not all do that would just be foolish to think. Also didn't you just say and I quote "I don't care if people kill their unborn children" while also saying now you find it gross? Pick a side.

  39. You're calling me a prolifer and also asking me to pick a side, doesn't that strike you as odd?

  40. As a healthcare worker, this is going to be a fucking nightmare. I'm legitimately scared about what ends people will go to without safe options for birth control. Our healthcare system is stretched thin as is and Emergency Medicine is a rubberband barely holding it together. I dont like the implications of how this can potentially break something so damn fragile, especially after the fallout of the Covid pandemic.

  41. Right!?! Just yesterday they ruled that states cannot regulate guns and today they rule that states can regulate abortion. FFS!

  42. There is no right to abortion in the Constitution. You argue that an abortion right is "indirectly related as a right to privacy," but that position is flawed as the Constitution doesn't include a right to privacy. I'm ok with the stretched interpretation of there being a right to privacy bc you can kind of see one if you squint the right way, but it's a real flimsy platform to try and base another unmentioned right off of.

  43. Yes, im sure he legally purchased this firearm and happened to have a lapse in judgment leading to this

  44. He plainly would be the type to properly follow all pertinent rules and regulations.

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