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  1. I think the pretentious cunts in this sub just dont like them and think they aren't real metal.

  2. You can be anti-Nazi and still like Burzum. Hvis Lyset Tar Oss slaps.

  3. some people say Shorty's skateboards have more pop, and it has to do with the unique way the board is shaped and the location of where they place their trucks

  4. depends on trucks u have bit what can be a factor is a hightech tail, mini logo has a very low tail so it hits the ground sooner

  5. XD playing scarlet aswell right now i love it

  6. Short version: Weirdos on the internet make anime characters for everything in existence.

  7. other question, u have over 1mil karma points? How the fuck

  8. Immerhin etwas🤷‍♂️ Alles schwierig was man machen soll in der Position

  9. In einer modernen Gesellschaft dürfen auch Mädchen mit Raketen spielen, nicht nur die Jungs

  10. Where's the train coming from

  11. Harz! I was inside of it doing a pic out of the window, in the curves u could see the front that was so cool!

  12. This is in my current vacation in Harz! (Germany) expense ride but it looks so so cool!

  13. Smash bros, but actually our dog is named “Spike”

  14. ouuuh never heard one! Tell me about one

  15. And the “i can’t” in the background😭😭

  16. A letter definitely xD, it’s cool

  17. just commit. You got it!! Lean into it and stay on there it’s over quicker than u think

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