1. Hello! Wanting to buy goodbye my rose garden volumes 1-2, and is there any noticable wear?

  2. Ima be pissed if these dub VAs aren’t getting paid well by crunchyroll, they seem to be bad at proper wages

  3. Dub actors should be more pissed because some leading actors revealed they get paid $150, sometimes less, for the WHOLE role

  4. personally i find it disgusting. they are basically father and daughter. he also has been in her life raising her since she was a child, far to much grooming in my opinion if they end up together, the only person who makes sense for her to be with would be rudy, but really i dont know how i feel if she was with anyone . but seriesouly if i was forced to pick someone for her to end up with it wuld have to be rudy, beacuse serieously even if she doesnt concider dale her father he still was one of the main people who raised her while he was an adult and seh was a young impressionalble child. age gaps dont always bother me, but in this case it really does and it bothers me that anyone could be in a realationship with soemone they raised and met while they were a child. that is just down right disgusting and wrong. this is supposed to be a wholesome anime and manga not some gross fetishized series. anyone who ships her with dale needs some god dam therapy.

  5. Oh yeah I definitely agree with you now, I wrote that original comment while I was probably 15 or something. Latina’s quite the traumatized child, dating anyone who she had to lash onto for as a role model and mental stability is wrong. The author also didn’t really try to be delicate with the age gap situation past volume 4(?) mightve been volume 3 I forget. But the author straight up just made him have sex with Latina when she was like, idk 16? I had been more willing to justify because I had been assuming their relationship would be a more slow burn, setting boundaries and evening the power imbalances but nope.

  6. I totally believe this, the staff are having way too much fun including details that are unconventional to find lol (ever since someone found out Suletta and Miorine’s paint splatters from an earlier episode resembled the blood splatters from the finale end credits, I realized theres at least a hundred other details I missed.) The novelization is also revealing a lot of details where the anime expresses, but not directly.

  7. I loved the light novel, I only briefly looked at the manga adaption but it seems fairly decent, they include a good chunk of monologue instead of removing a lot like most adaptions, and the visual storytelling isn't bad. But it's not going to include every line of the story, so the novel will be better in that regard.

  8. Hello! Since the season ended I wanted to get an opinion from a Gundam OG (witch is my first gundam) How does it hold up as a gundam anime compared to the others? And if theres any additional things you liked about it

  9. Kakegurui has such awesome duos im impressed, a lot of characters compliment each other. Kirari and Sayaka prob for personal preference. Something about the unexpected way they work well together is awesome for me to see. The way their differences make them drawn to each other in pretty much their first meetings, and the way it can make them grow closer is so sweet. Kirari gets all the love (deserved) but Sayaka’s a pretty amazing person for her, she’s pretty much the only one who could tell Kirari and Ririka apart (something Kirari values a lot more than you think at first). The fact that Kirari states that at Sayaka’s core, she will always be interesting to her forever (which is freaking amazing since Kirari confessed that Sayaka will always remain dear to her).

  10. Also I love Kirari and Ririka’s relationship. Kirari has a twisted way to show her love sometimes, but I do appreciate that the author made her someone who quite values whom she cares for instead of the stereotypical route. Kirari set Ririka up with Mary so she can be her own independent person, despite knowing that she will probably have less of a connection with Ririka this way. (She expressed that she was kinda lonely about it, but was happy Ririka can be free)

  11. The animation and voice acting really does wonders for making her character fun. As for character wise, id go with the manga cause theyre beginning to dive more into her as a character

  12. It also works perfectly the other way around too

  13. ah, i see. thank you! I'll check it out once im done with this

  14. I also recommend To Strip the Flesh. Very well done one shot, my favorite piece of trans representation in manga imo. The mangaka actually used to be an assistant of the CSM mangaka and it’s speculated thats why Fujimoto includes trans characters in some of his works,

  15. The fact that he “suspects” he has a child in the village but can’t point out who says something…

  16. Taxpayer money, he uses them to build golden statues of his own image. He sends you a letter to hide it if you found it and put it somewhere public.

  17. Not to mention he does that while living next to Penny and Pam, who live in a damn trailer.

  18. Possibly, or what would be really cool is if Denji turned into a sword but Pochita doesn't, so it could be Yoru with Denji sword vs Pochita

  19. We could also have a fucked up scene where Denji regenerates from having his spine and head taken off of him.

  20. Power is always dressing up though. She’s literally the stylish one of the three.

  21. Yeah I think the suggested thing was that the corpse she’s controlling used to be a pretty fashionable girl who cared about her appearance (which explains why Power knows about how to use breastpads/explained how powerful they were of a device)

  22. Prob why she also tells Denji in the bathscene that she is scared of naughty things.

  23. Oh god, I could see that being plausible despite it not having too much direct evidence. It could make sense, Power is a bit more direct in the beginning about her dislike about humans it was probably more than an instinctual thing. She’s also known to know about human behavior too, and looks down on some.

  24. Okay Mengo’s 100% gotta be involved with the story somehow because these descriptions sound like they’ll fit in with the other manga she writes.

  25. Some of the lore in Kaguya can be just as messed up and Instant Bullet is laughably edgy. And while only an adaptation and nowhere near as dark, he got the tone and atmosphere of Piano perfectly from the novel.

  26. Oh yeah I know how Aka actually prefers writing these types of stories. But Mengo’s known for these types of angsty complicated romances, for example with Scum’s Wish where you have the two highschoolers who are in love with much older people. So the two highschoolers enter a physical relationship to satisfy their loneliness.

  27. I enjoyed “Her Pet” Honestly left me bitter a lot.

  28. There's a bunch of people in the community who started with phantom in the past cause it was the only piece of media translated then.

  29. I thought the strap-on scene was a bit much personally

  30. Nah it was the only way they could’ve bonded after what happened in episode 12. It was very tastefully done imo.

  31. Chocolate with mint is meh (might be cause the mint filling has a nasty sweetness and texture to me). But I did try mint chocolate ice cream from blue bunny (prob my favorite company for mint chocolate ice cream)

  32. Oh no! The salivating could be a problem for sure, especially at the dentist I bet.

  33. They do lol. As a kid they used to let me pick flavors and I’d pick bubblegum. Which still led to the same issue…

  34. This doesn't look like Blue Flag tho

  35. This is definitely one of the chapter covers, I remember it feeling out of place since it was placed in a rather serious arc.

  36. I hadn't remembered I read this series until your comment prompted me to google it because this picture seems very out of place with what the story was. This has got to be the most agreeable censorship I've ever seen.

  37. 100% still remember this chapter cover art because it felt extremely out of place with the manga which is a rather good adolescent story for teens.

  38. I am not the one who is pretending that a mediocre drawing of a completely different style is "EXACTLY LIKE THE MANGA!" . So yeah, stfu. I am not exaggerating negativity, any reasonable person would see that. Exaggerating negativity would be to tell the person to never draw again, it's ugly as hell.

  39. Bruh, you know different people see things differently than you? Really, just like let them compliment someone for their work. You’re just making assumptions that everyone “must” have the same opinions as you. Whether you agree with something or not, what the hell is the point of responding negatively and accusing someone of lying when they’re just complimenting someone? “Because it’s fake!!” , no it’s really not up to you to assume that.

  40. That sounds delicious but that name is totally offputting

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