1. When she got stabbed in the back of the Leg I lost it lol so relatable

  2. I mean, a lot of them have some interesting stories, but they don't want to focus on those because they're controversial

  3. A movie about the comic book industry in the 1980s. It would not be very kind to Stan Lee.

  4. A show doesn't need to make sure all the bad people are punished, but when the main protagonist is a monster, it kinda sends a weird message that he gets to go out on his own terms like that. It's hard to say that wasn't a pretty heroic ending for Walt. The things he lost were things he didn't prioritize as much as what he ultimately secured. Like he said in that final episode, he did it for him. I think that ending is a big reason why so many people still think about Walt in a heroic way, just as I think the ending of The Shield is why people don't view Vic in the same way. It was nice to see Walt smiling while Baby Blue played, but the ending of The Shield hit me like a fucking sledgehammer.

  5. Even if Walts actions were heroic, what is wrong with that? Bad people can do good things sometimes

  6. This right here is what I'm talking about: there's nothing heroic about Walt, he's a monster, full stop, but the way the show frames him makes people think of him as heroic. I don't think Vince Gilligan wanted people to view Walt as some kind of hero, but I think he fell in love too much with the monster he'd created, and in the end he really undercut the whole point he'd been building to for all those years. The show is about a good guy who breaks bad and it costs him everything. At the very end, it seems like Walt is thinking "it was all worth it" and like he's redeemed somehow, when he's not at all.

  7. But you literally said, "It's hard to say that wasn't a pretty heroic ending for Walt". But now you're saying there is nothing heroic about him so now I'm just confused.

  8. You make a valid point, and I counter that Robin Williams has so far been an outlier in "big-name actor becoming voice actor," because the dude actually cared to VOCALLY ACT Genie. I'm struggling to think of other actors who do the same instead of just Being Themselves (The Rock playing Maui, Crisp Rat as Mario).

  9. See and I can differentiate “I love this movie and I think it’s great”. Is very different than “it’s an objectively good movie”

  10. Bella’s portrayal of Ellie has been perfect since the first episode, the mannerisms and line delivery (in an American accent!) are spot on to the game.

  11. I agree that she is pretty good but the Shrek comparison is just silly. A voice actor only contributes their voice to the character whereas an screen actor contributes their voice, mannerisms and appearance, hence why people expect her to look like the character she is playing.

  12. Does anyone knows what was the app the drummer was using to record things in his tablet?

  13. I had Donald Glover as my next EGOT but I think its more realistic that Reznor gets it next.

  14. Hollywood implanted the idea into the public consciousness that girls having a fat ass was a bad thing up until about 2010

  15. I once saw an episode of Moesha where Brandy was talking about how she would get teased for having a big bum. So clearly fat asses weren't in style in the 90s

  16. You’re clueless. The Academy CONSISTENTLY gives “lifetime achievement awards”. Cate Blanchett 1) isn’t as good as Michelle Yeoh was this year. And 2) she’ll get like 5 more nominations in her career, Yeoh may never get another. Give it to Yeoh and swallow your pride

  17. Agreed, but she already has two statues, so I bet the academy gives it to Yeoh (partially as a recognition of her entire career)

  18. "And the Emmy goes to...Mathew McConaughey because Cranston already has 3 of them"

  19. Louis from Suits. Dude would get clowned by everyone when he did something mildly disagreeable but Harvey would be fellated for "doing whatever it takes to win"

  20. Critics have called this motion picture: "A New, Clear Vision about Nuclear Fission"

  21. It actually doesn't. On top of this just being a bad faith argument, not a single major character from BCS' fate is revealed in Breaking Bad. Not even Saul's

  22. This is why I specify MAJOR characters. Mike is the only feasible one on that Iist that could be argued isn't a side character in BCS

  23. You said 'not a single major character's fate is revealed in BB'. So I only need one character to demonstrate that your claim is incorrect. Mike demonstrates that perfectly

  24. Try watching Letterkenny without subtitles and I promise you will get bodied.

  25. She was one of the writers of No Time To Die. Make of that what you will

  26. Rude assholes are often right so the choice isn't only between honesty and rudeness. You can also be both

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