1. Pretty sure the BX500 doesn’t have DRAM cache, so it won’t make for a good boot drive

  2. Suppose I could just make my own mesh in the side panel with a drill and some patience

  3. I think the big thing is that they don’t really want you to play the old content. They want you to get right into modern content, being Shadowlands, because current content is the main focus.

  4. I get that Blizzard of course wants you to play the new content, but it seems a waste of all the last 15 years to not be able to experience that properly.

  5. Honestly, the old content doesn’t really tell the story very well in my opinion. Most of the story is locked behind the raids, and can be more easily understood watching videos on YouTube. It is unfortunate, but I am not sure Blizzard expected the game to live this long.

  6. That's a fair point about catching up on the history on YouTube. I've done three zones of Northrend and I feel 90% or so probably has little to no meaning to the main plot of WOTLK. It's not quite the same watching a video compared to expereincing it yourself, but if there is a lot of filler then I may be better off.

  7. My mate managed to get one today, payment confirmation and everything, but when he called Scan they said there wasn’t any stock of the FE, just that he has secured a pre-order from the warehouse in Singapore. Scan said they don’t know when the stock will be coming in. Has anyone who bought today had any despatch notifications or any other info?

  8. I have an MSI 1070 I’m selling for this price, will have to be collection only however around the Manchester area. I don’t mind driving to meet half way if reasonable. Cheers

  9. I have an MSI 1070 for sale, unfortunately no box due to recent house move and the original box still in storage, so would have to be Manchester collection if you’re local.

  10. It’s the ASRock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/ac

  11. Node 202 - around £40-45 for the case and maybe another £40-45 for the PSU. Can buy the combo new for £130.

  12. I got a R5 2600 on a MSI B450 I gaming plus board, willing to let both go for 160 :)

  13. Hey, I'd say it's worth around £650 but honestly, get this stuff checked out yourself. I'm situated in Thornton Heath, Croydon.

  14. I’m unsure on prices for today’s markets so I’m not best to say a price for this price check, but for reference I sold my last Jan for £700 which was:

  15. Got a MSI Blade X2 if you're interested?

  16. I’ve got a mini itx gaming pc if your interested?

  17. Any pics on this? Would be interested depending on price. PM me if you have a price in mind

  18. Interested, trying to PM you but having some issues sending via Reddit. My brother goes to uni in Leicester so could pick this up next week when he's back if that works for you? Drop me a PM if you can

  19. Yeah that's great mate. I've PM'd you back

  20. Does it come with the box or anything?

  21. I'm pretty sure it's back at home in Leicester I'll try and confirm later.

  22. Super interested, still available?

  23. I have an Asus PB278QR for £200? 27 inch, IPS, 1440P. I was using it in a triple monitor set up with another PB278QR, but moving house I only have space for 2 monitors now.

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