AITA for not letting an obese woman adopt a dog?

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  1. Something old- getting my Granny’s wedding band repurposed to become mine! I am also wearing my other grandmother’s diamond bracelet.

  2. A golden retriever would be the classic choice! However, I have a German Shorthair, and I do a lot of these things with him. We take him to dog friendly places regularly. I have a ton of experience with the breed, and I find a well bred GSP to have a very similar personality type to a Golden. They are a higher energy dog than a golden, but the goofy, sweet personality is very similar.

  3. No!!! I have a GSP/Lab mix and she is super hyper. She cannot handle busy streets.

  4. I have worked with and owned GSPs for years! A well bred GSP that is properly exercised can absolutely do well in this type of lifestyle. I have one!

  5. If you can't meet even the basic needs of your horse like food, water, turnout and social contacts you shouldn't own a horse.

  6. To me, that is still unacceptable. Horses are herd animals. There have been studies done showing horses kept alone have much higher levels of cortisol in their blood, and don’t get sufficient REM sleep, therefore their lifespan is shortened.

  7. This is not something I’ve ever done, but in my area it’s not uncommon for horses to be pastured with other livestock animals, (typically cattle) so I was curious!

  8. 1 gets me too. I know that something gets spent either way, either money or labor, and sometimes that labor is completely outsourced, but it is a bit discouraging to come here looking for tips on how to pull off a 10k and the OP’s wedding doesn’t reflect what mine will be at all. Either they’ve gotten all their expenses through close contacts who have offered them as a gift or the post is like “we did this gorgeous thing with all these amazing details! Breakdown for my 10k wedding for 5 guests and my dog”. Meanwhile I’m over here trying to figure out how to keep myself from going over 15k (because we blew past 10 awhile ago) since we have 100 guests invited.

  9. I saw a tik tok where someone recommended eloping to save money, because they only spent 15k on their elopement. Like …. 15k …. To elope???

  10. Ours is totally outdoors in the spring / summer. There are tents, but not a building. Is that horrible?

  11. It ultimately depends on the temperatures and your climate. It’s hot and humid where I live, I don’t really look forward to occasions when I have to be outdoors for hours in the heat. Tents and fans can help

  12. Personally I would rather have a ring that is within my partner’s current means, and then do an upgrade later. It would just feel weird to have an engagement ring that my dad paid for.

  13. What frustrates me is all the ethical breeders I follow have wait lists for years, and vintage doodles can’t even rehome a litter?

  14. Literally!! I have a good friend who I used to dog sit for, and his lines produce some of the best German shorthairs in the country. My husband and I would love a pup from them. We are going to be waiting for at least a year and a half, probably more, because we have a particular stud within his line that we want our future puppy to be closely related to. Breeders like this are pumping out litters left and right for the money.

  15. Is this the Anthony chapel? I want to have my wedding there but I am hesitant.

  16. This is the Marjorie Powell Allen Chapel at Powell Gardens! I considered the Anthony chapel as well but for various reasons went with this venue instead even though it was more expensive.

  17. Is the time you get at this chapel more then 3 hours?

  18. Yes! We have the chapel for the ceremony and the chapel study for getting ready and for dinner afterwards. We are doing a pretty small family only wedding with dinner and afterwards but no real “reception”. We have access for 8 hours total from getting ready to dinner ending.

  19. I currently have a rescue dog, a German shorthaired pointer. He is amazing, and we hit the lottery with him. We will consider rescue again at some point in the future.

  20. YTA. My husband and I are both on the overweight side, but we understand the needs of our adopted German Shorthair, and he is absolutely thriving with us— after being returned to the shelter before we adopted him by a fit stay at home mom who wanting a running buddy, and even in our apartment before we bought a house. You’re absolutely the asshole OP. Just because I could lose a few pounds doesn’t mean that I can’t properly care for my high energy dog.

  21. We just bought a house and don’t have a fence put up yet. We’ve been using a tie out cable attached to a harness. However this isn’t really meant to be an unsupervised thing, and I don’t use it as a replacement for exercise. I just use it as a way for him to get some fun “off leash time” when my husband or I can keep an eye on him

  22. Having this issue too. A lot of feral cats in my backyard/ wood area. Former owners use to feed the cats now a person few houses down feeds them. I read lavender and citrus smells deter cats but I haven’t tried it yet. Letting my two dogs out unleashed has been a bit of a hassle because they will chase them and I’m worried they will get rabies if the dogs get bit

  23. Yes, this is another issue! My dog is vaccinated but who knows what a semi feral cat could be carrying. Don’t want my dog getting anything

  24. Diarrhea doesn’t always mean a dog is sick or contagious. My dog has the most sensitive GI tract and any change in diet, environment, or routine and he has runny stools. He’s also a GSP with an insane metabolism that will run all the shit right out of him. First poop is normal, second one is looser, and by the third round it’s just liquid if he has anything left. Fully vetted and healthy, just a sensitive pup.

  25. Came here to comment this!! My german shorthair is the EXACT same way, and I feel the same about dog parks.

  26. She’s acting all high and mighty when she went to a “breeder” for a designer mutt🙄

  27. That breeder is obviously so awful. Based on their instagram they have at least three litters right now. This is also Stella’s second litter in 13 months. She had one litter April 2021 and this one was born in May. These people must pump out over 100 puppies a year.

  28. Health tested? I call BS. They probably did an embark test and called it good. There's no way they did any OFA or PennHIP testing on the dogs they're breeding

  29. Exactly!!! Saying their dogs are “Health tested” means nothing. Show me the OFA/Pennhip🤷🏻‍♀️

  30. The puppies go home at 8 weeks. I am not defending doodle breeders at all (🤮) but that is way too young to spay/neuter.

  31. they’ve gotten them all from breeders. moose is from like a janky backyard breeder

  32. Anyone who breeds doodles is an unethical backyard breeder and I’ll die on that hill

  33. Considering he’s a doodle and doodle breeders are the worst of the worst as far as unethical breeding goes, wouldn’t surprise me at all if the “breeder” told her this because it’s what she wanted to hear.

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