1. I believe Hipo.com is the only platform I’ve used that considers impermanent loss.

  2. That’s a lot of opportunities. There’s no way you’d join all of them without winning from a few.

  3. The trick is to go into these meetings with an educated guess and also with your buy and sell orders set.

  4. This video should be a cryptocurrency ad everywhere. Love it!

  5. I use Binance and Gate.io(more beginner friendly btw). If Coinbase was my only option I wouldn’t trade.

  6. Technically, it isn’t. But there’s a special feature on Gateio that you could use to place buy and sell orders at different prices, so it automatically buys and sells within your set range continuously until the price leaves your range.

  7. The only way btc can be stolen is if they have access to your private keys.

  8. Yes you can. Depends on where you have your Bitcoin though. You can exchange it in many ways, I personally prefer to use P2P on Gateio because it has zero charges.

  9. Bitcoin tools as in for trading? I just use grid trading on Gateio. You basically set it to automatically buy and sell those little oscillations that holders think don’t matter.

  10. Big Data might just be the most interesting part of this website revamp. Such an important tool.

  11. This new functionality opened up a new world of possibilities for traders with higher probability of making more accurate TA.

  12. Privacy preservation is the number one advantage of trading P2P.

  13. This is a milestone for Ethereum, I hope this has something to do with the merge and the update we’ve been waiting on since forever.

  14. The conspiracy theory about NFTs and memecoins actually makes a lot of sense because they take a large share of the market presently, and are mostly junk.

  15. At least they won't say they weren't told. Let's see how this unfold.

  16. The only thing he had done so far is to provide a 2.0. Where’s the proof?

  17. With my gate.io account it shows me over 9000% plus BUT you have to look closely. LUNA is not LUNC!!! Open eyes! There are differences now.

  18. I believe the airdrop came in as an automatic swap. LUNC for LUNA

  19. I believe exchanges are showing support to their users rather than Terra.

  20. Because it was automatically swapped in most exchanges. I refuse to believe that’s from trading.

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