1. Kids are playing outside my house loudly. I think I just need to live with that. I have my own kid who is a it younger but I wouldn’t let him play unsupervised on the street. Also just found 2 of them climbing on a skip of house rubble - I guess different parenting styles here which isn’t a legal matter.

  2. Ebikes in the UK are limited to 250w and 18mph so it is definitely illegal on the road and hence the rider will be uninsured.

  3. The bike itself could be legal; (most bikes of this kind can be purchased either with "road legal" moped accessories (Mirrors, lights, horn, licence plate holder etc) but like any moped the driver needs to be in complicance with legislation (posses correct license, insurance, road tax etc).

  4. debating whether to stay up to watch this or not; whats the usual run time for AEW shows; are they still a slog?

  5. George on radio in 5 seconds asking if he can go for Max or is Lewis gaining?

  6. Why would you fly her all the way there to embarrass her?

  7. I think you underestimate how quick I am with my phone

  8. If this reply is anything to by; mentally you're as quick as my dimentia riddled great uncle.

  9. Totally wrong and the timing of there first public communication with each other is suspect to say the least... but if this was not a gay man but a woman of the same age; she would be on Loose Woman this week being praised to high heaven for "still being active" and ITV would have no issue broadcasting it.

  10. given how slow they were driving; it seriously might have been possible he thought the gates would automatically open.

  11. Well, it's going to be interesting to see what the police have to say about this after strenuously denying any sort of chase, isn't it?

  12. They will likely revert to what is actually a "pursuit".

  13. They didn't call in a failing to stop because they were on a shout to a domestic two streets away.

  14. Duke of Sutherland (George Leveson-Gower), Patrick Sellar - (Gower's agent who oversaw the clearances) and the 3rd was the agent who oversaw the clearances on the island were the pub gets its name - Lismore - but i can't remember his name.

  15. I remember listening to his sister Rachel at the time of the Sue Grey report on LBC and coming away with the feeling there had 100% been social gatherings at Chequers.

  16. I once did a powerpoint presentation on the RAF way back in Primary 7 English (2008) where i specifically remember having to make the case that i was correct in saying the UK guards Irish airspace in emergencies...

  17. These people are doing it wrong. I have a Dog Argentino and my six year old can walk him, no leash. The dog will never leave his side. They just need to be trained properly.

  18. Depends if you see the word activist as negative or not . Take it how you like.

  19. Lewis and George both have been complaining about the front wing.

  20. Met have posted and deleted this "explanation" multiple times.

  21. They gave him a proper pen to avoid another ink fiasco.

  22. Lee Anderson and Rose Leslie's da casually having a trial by combat ootside a Westminister restaurant.

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