1. I was thinking this same thing for a while but at this point it feels like it's not happening.

  2. Waste another Garza game in garbage time. So fucking frustrating.

  3. Anyone see that one clown on his phone the whole game? What are you even there for if you're not watching the game?

  4. Dont tell me this is another limited time car, because i dont have time to get this right now

  5. Why the f*ck are they doing it? I wanted the new hotring, but I didn't have access to my computer for a long time. Now what? I've just missed it?? Ffs...

  6. They're doing it because they want players to be pressured into buying shark cards.

  7. I don't care what anyone says. The Gobert trade is still a damn disaster. Yeah it started to look better once we acquired Conley but holy shit this season has still been a disaster. Yeah KAT has been out since November but damn him and Rudy were not a good fit. This season has been hell and I just miss the team we had last year. Could've just made some changes around the edges instead of shipping off all of our depth and half of our future. Thank you Tim Connelly.

  8. My two favorite teams are literally the same. Timberwolves and Lakers are two of the dumbest teams in the league right now.

  9. saying this when Rudy Gobert has easily been our best player for the last month and a half is crazyyy

  10. Thinking Ant hasn't been our best player is even crazier. Rudy has only been playing better because of the Conley trade.

  11. Don't know why people on this sub think Prince is good. What does he bring to the team?

  12. He used to be our second best shooter, played decent defense and he's just a good locker room guy. Ever since he came back from the injury he just hasn't been the same.

  13. i personally think he's done for. no more pushes. he's a dolph now

  14. Exactly. They've literally killed this guy. How does someone come back from all of these burials?

  15. WWE can't even answer this. They have no idea what they're doing with him.

  16. Never watching a game at 3am ever again. My heart hurts and i'm so annoyed 😭😭😭

  17. Shit like this is why I sold all of my Timberwolves jerseys.

  18. Jazz fan here. I miss Rudy. Last time he complained about the refs they retaliated in the next game.

  19. That is so fucking disgusting. I actually remember seeing this years ago.

  20. Wait I thought this was photoshop until I looked up the name. Insane. Draft him.

  21. I simply muted my game during each prep and finale of the contracts. Not willing to listen to that garbage.

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