1. I went to your site. Cannot find a download link. Store isn't working. Using chrome on a mac.

  2. Thanks for letting me know! Everything's working fine on my devices, can you dm for more details plz ?

  3. Chill out dude, english is not my first language, this is how we say it in french

  4. Having the pupils maybe dilating could add a bit more depth to this as well. I'm guessing you used Mesh warp to have the skin around the eye move and bulge as the eye moves?

  5. Indeed, the track is already released but you're right, I should've given it a try Liquify for the skin, and spherize for the eye

  6. Thanks! I made an abstract form with multiple displacements and deform, then distributed points on the faces, added a few lights here and there, some depth of field and tada

  7. I am wondering the same thing. Did you ever make the purchase?

  8. I did, the results is awesome, a little complex to handle tho. The optimization settings are a game changer for your CPU ! You can find a good guide on their website

  9. Yes you can, as long as you don't use extracts from the original audio track

  10. Maybe enable the "shade smooth" on the ground? It'll get rid of the polygon effect

  11. Had the same issue here, hope it will be corrected soon

  12. Same here, putting my phone in landscape mode solved the problem tho

  13. Yo this looks dope! I can't get the .rar to expand though, I tried using Keka and Stuffit Expander with no luck. If you have a solution I'd definitely use this, been using the feedme skin for a minute now.

  14. Thanks buddy! You should try with winrar instead

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