Memphis Grizzlies scorekeeper posting fraudulent numbers

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  1. Wait until you find out how they make hamburgers and eggs and everything else you eat that was once alive

  2. Jesus christ people like you defending this behavior is just going to make it worse. They wouldn't be bitching online like a petulant six year old if they could communicate with their neighbor like the average person. It's that simple. You are dismissed.

  3. LMAO she put Asia / china / India as if China and India are not part of Asia. Not even northeast Asia, just Asia.

  4. Depends on what you're paying for, either way I hear they're on the expensive side. To determine speed you need to ask yourself what it's going to be used for. Is it just you? 25 - 50 mbps should be plenty. Is it you and a spouse and three kids all trying to stream on individual devices while you work from home? 100 - 250 might be worth looking into.

  5. Nothing new could have been written by just reading this sub all winter.

  6. Probably just a garbage AI trawl that drew from reddit anyway like most of what ESPN churns out nowadays

  7. I hate how they artificially tried to make the cities seem fuller with stores like this. “Oh wow there’s so many things to check out!”

  8. Yeah, your own shitty sandwich too it's not like they're anything great

  9. CT is New England, which is fully represented by the Patriots, which then draws fans to Boston teams. CT has a pretty big Yankee fan base though but as far as other sports I would think they lean BOS.

  10. I don't get it, are you allowed to download the pictures? Or just screenshot them? Can you see their previous posts or are you restricted to just seeing what they post that month? Because why pay monthly (if you really feel the need) if you could just pay like a month a year and save all of the 'content'? Are people that starved for a daily update??

  11. People don't spend money on Onlyfans because of pictures, they do it for parasocial relationships.

  12. You’re saying you didn’t complete everything in the first week and never played again?!?

  13. Such a shame that it didn't get any DLC, I haven't felt a desire to pick it back up since that first week or two

  14. A shame but also I'm glad it didn't get DLC. I hate that we are now expecting DLC in Pokemon gamed

  15. I agree there I just felt that there was more they could've done with it, like I beat Girantina and felt no need to play anymore. I'm willing to pay for content if it keeps me engaged.

  16. Use their app. You can get a whopper combo for 7 bucks usually. You can get a full family bundle with like 6 burgers and some fries for less than 25.

  17. You're paying for those "savings" by giving them like location access and who knows what else, let alone they get you thinking "hey I'm saving money there so I'll go more often"

  18. Americans will let their oppressors do whatever they want

  19. The issue is that they got us to the point that most people are living paycheck to paycheck. You can't commit to striking if you're not going to be able to pay your rent or for food or to keep your kid alive or whatever else without the income. This was all intentional. It's much, much easier to oppress the desperate.

  20. Reddit is a garbage shell of its former self, and has trended that way since Schwartz "committed suicide"

  21. I'm convinced all kids animated shows like coco-melon have been done this way for years already

  22. How about YOU pay for your girlfriend's law school tuition with your $500k?

  23. Lol as if media people with a vote look at those types of numbers. The votes go to a bunch of guys who Google "best NBA defenders 2023" and "Zach Lowe NBA award picks 2023" like three days before the season ends and they look at their per game averages on FG%/3P%/FT% and Pts/Ast/Reb/Stl/Blk

  24. Why does Jokic keep being brought up on this bullshit?

  25. Because he is an inflated empty stats God whether you admit it or not

  26. popular discussions. that's the term you're looking for.

  27. Lol popular discussions are get divorced and your boss is Hitler incarnate? Sure man.

  28. They went after a Memphis local on a day of unspeakable tragedy in Memphis for other reasons. From an OP with no other real activity on this website

  29. Reddit not shoehorn issues with American policing into every thread challenge (FAIL)

  30. I just checked his profile and this is his only post or comment other than posting something abiut it on

  31. Lower level grizz employee that saw it happening in real time and tried to bring it up but it fell on deaf ears? Possible

  32. It’s easy. As long as you hate the Grizzlies, your dreams can become a reality.

  33. Yeah this ain't it chief. Grizzlies are so irrelevant I bet if you polled America like 3% would even remember that they're a team.

  34. That's like most of this sub. 90% of people here probably just boxscore watch and are just here to fight.

  35. Do you understand basic statistics and have any guesses as to why your request is irrelevant

  36. Air is thinner in Denver meaning he is able to pass the ball with more velocity and less resistance. Jokic is a thin air merchant, plain and simple.

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