1. What didn't they just put a barrier around it? Like those big round cement balls.

  2. She keeps pulling the Sheila Jackson Lee moves when Press is around.

  3. I wish we could still see them here. The developers have put in so many lights that we can't see the stars any longer.

  4. Good Mama! Thank you for caring enough to do this.

  5. They are pollinators. Leave them alone and they will leave you alone.

  6. If he is not injured or sick, it should be okay. Try leaving a little water and be sure to keep any dogs away from it until it gets its strength back.

  7. The Fulshear Farmers' Market is open every Saturday from 9:00-1:00 and has a great variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables, honey, meat, eggs, bread, and more.

  8. Yeah I’m just looking for mangos and exotic fruits like pink dragon fruits also others

  9. You will not find those at a true farmers' market as they do not grow here. Try HMart in Katy Asia Town.

  10. I cannot understand how anyone still watches CNN. And we used to have it on 24/7.

  11. If only we had more thoughtful people like you.... Thank you!

  12. I don't collect figurines, but that store was amazing.

  13. They won't grow here with our heat & humidity. You'll have to order frozen ones online.

  14. Try Peppermint oil. It is a pretty good ant deterrent and might make them move along.

  15. Wear a mask when working with DE, it is dangerous to inhale. It does a great job killing ants and will not poison pets or people.

  16. We've been going there for years, so nostalgia plays a big role in loving the place.

  17. They should go look at real traffic circles like the French build. I have seen way more traffic flow in a proper traffic circle than in that Hermann Park abomination.

  18. The 20 "lane" roundabout at the Champs Elysees is easier to navigate than this one.

  19. I’m interested. What are some alternatives?

  20. What are you are having trouble with?

  21. The Grove in Pecan Grove (Richmond, I think) is amazing.

  22. My 40 year old house with poor insulation and single paned glass and properly sized air conditioning has no trouble cooling it to 73 when it's 100 out (doesn't even have to run all the time), so something seems fishy about what you were told.

  23. The area around Fondren & 59 has lots of sari shops.

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