1. If Sky doesn’t make runs, the cacophony of the backlash will be something else

  2. Yeah. He couldn't even perform in the ODIs. This is test cricket

  3. Good for her. She has every right to do so. Women's cricket in India wouldn't have been the same without her. Obviously market forces will decide the contract amount. But there is no need for any hate.

  4. I dont think they will have an icon player kinda deal this time. Even players wouldn't agree to it.

  5. 16/0 in 0.4 overs in the next game. Perfectly balanced

  6. The number of comments on this thread proves that it was a smart decision to name teams after their IPL names.

  7. Isn't he already not in the starting 11? I don't watch a lot of India game but I would assume their best squad is something like this:

  8. Yeah he isnt. But because of his T20 innings, a lot of people want him to be. Hence the article

  9. Just heard to get into iim abc as gen engg you atleast need 99.99 % fuck this racist shit

  10. Not even close to accurate. 98%ile can be good enough if you have a good profile

  11. If anyone is confused I posted it here because it got removed for being a shitpost.

  12. It deserved to be removed. Firstly there are many threads already on the topic. You can reach the POV there as well. Secondly, as per the rules it belongs in the daily discussion thread. Its good that such posts are removed otherwise the sub would be clutterred. And lastly, it didnt look like you were geniunly looking for an answer, you just wanted to mock them. There was no need to bring war and privilege in this discussion.

  13. I seriously hope the trolls who kept posting, 'look she wasnt even attempting to bowl the delivery' when Deepti Sharma did that run out finally understand the rule now.

  14. Nothing in the laws requires the mankad to be carried out before the expected release point, the batter just has to have been out of their ground at the expected release point (which the ICC interpret as the arm reaching the vertical).

  15. Yash Dhull has been disappointing fr

  16. true. he single-handedly cost us the SMAT and they rewarded him with Ranji captaincy

  17. https://www.espncricinfo.com/series/syed-mushtaq-ali-trophy-2022-23-1332915/delhi-vs-vidarbha-2nd-quarter-final-1333050/full-scorecard

  18. Bangalore rent is deliberately hiked up by the real estate mafia. Go to any place in the world, rent will go down if a place is congested, if there is traffic issues, bad water quality and bad road conditions. Here in Bangalore, none of the rental owners are bothered about making a nice place to live. They are concerned only about illegally constructing more rooms and increasing rent every year

  19. You need to take Economics 101. You dont understand demand and supply

  20. There is a reason why 100s are grouped together. In Hindi (and maybe in other Indian languages?) there are unique words for number from 1-99. And thats why we have unique words for 100,000 and 100,00,000.

  21. What are the running odds on 'Suprised Pikachu face' Kohli dismissal?

  22. Being stuck like that in a kind of limbo would scare the shit outta me.

  23. My physics profs once made a joke that you could SPIT in this situation

  24. PBKS > Odean Smith would be a good buy. I wouldn't it past them to buy him again lol

  25. Yeah theyll look at Curran, Stokes and Odean Smith, and then decide to pay 15Cr+ for Smith

  26. Apart from Mayank, the first set is going to be very quiet. They will all be waiting for set 2, where the real cream is - All Rounders. Surprisingly no Marquee set this time.

  27. Its pretty common on JustWatch. Might be a glitch with JustWatch. Its same for Netflix - Prime and others as well.

  28. For the last few days, it's been showing abnormally high numbers for Hotstar. Way more than both Prime Video and Netflix. Oh and Netflix and Prime Video actually add shit tons of content from time to time so their high numbers from time to time make sense. They are just both bad at advertising a lot of their content, especially Prime Video.

  29. No I mean repeated content, JW shows a lot of content that I already there. I use JW a lot. Use it sometimes to find out if any new movie/show was released. But because of this glitch its always impossible to check because they keep.showing stuff that is already there

  30. Because the BENCH is better. It doesn't matter who sits on it. The bench is always better

  31. Not many people remember but Sachin legit was on his way to get his double hundred in 2009 against NZ at Christchurch but unfortunately he had to retire hurt for pain in the ribs or someshit IIRC. He was in the zone that day on a pitch flat as a pancake and would have achieved a double which was unfathomable back then.

  32. Infact Raina replaced him and scored the exact runs he needed to complete 200. Few months later he scored that 175 while chasing against Australia. When India needed ~40-50 runs, his 200 was on cards.

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