1. I kinda disagree with some of the things you said. While said is true in s1 he doesn't become a selfish douche by the end, sure he was a jerk most of the season but he bought the airplane ticket for gina on opening night, that's not selfish.

  2. More songs maybe? She only sung in 5 last season (tho she only sung 3 times in season 1 on-screen 😭). I also wouldn’t mind it if they delved into her friendship with Kourtney more, separate from the trio with Gina

  3. In my defense I’m still actively watching s3, and I’m on episode 6 where she hasn’t been present for 4 episodes. I just think they have a lot of similar mannerisms, and when Gina has her hair down, at quick glance one could mistaken her for Nini.

  4. Sometimes she did, And then I just got used to accepting that ninis not coming back through S3 after ep 2, until she made her guest surprise reappearance in ep8. Long story short, I used to not anymore

  5. OP knows Ms Jenn was in 3 episodes of season 3. They meant they missed her as a main character, instead of recurring

  6. Thank you for clarifying Guest 1Z3, Emmas 3403 , I do know that Dani and Mack weren't in S4. And Ms jenn was in S3, I've watched season 3 about 10 times.

  7. I think people might say that it didn’t contribute to the plot because it did connect, at first, to Ashlyn’s mental struggles with how she felt with herself and her body image. But it was dropped in the second half, not even seeing her in the Belle dress

  8. To interact with more characters then just Maddox and Ricky on-screen. Kourtney obviously being one :)

  9. Dose that mean he would or wouldn't be in all the episodes, and maddox would be one too right?

  10. It means most episodes. I’d guess all but the first one?

  11. Ej just needs to find a girl and make sure she doesn't know Ricky and just don't introduce her to him, because every single girl ricky has met and was "against" at first had ended up with him. It only happened 3 times but it's strange it happened 3 times in three different seasons.

  12. 3 times, what's the third? all I can remeber is with nini 1x04,and gina 3x07

  13. EJ’s had his heart broke a lot. Both of his girls left for Ricky Bowen

  14. But I mean he'll stay heartbroken and not just like 2 episodes or 1

  15. My guess would be that she originally was only supposed to be in one episode and they ended up switching their tune. She went from very nearly becoming a one-and-done character to being Elsa. Pretty remarkable journey.

  16. I agree that she had more of a leading role in S2 than Nini, but I think Nini being the leading lady was never going to last if this was going to be an ensemble show. The reason I say that is because from the start, her arc was always centered around finding her voice and discovering who she could be beyond SLC. "Out of the Old" clearly communicates that she's moving beyond the East High crew and forging a new path. If Nini's journey was the centerpiece of the show and we were just following where her life would lead, then this wouldn't be an issue.... but that's not what this show ended up being.

  17. I do actually agree with you on that the shows centered in SlC and gina has more to do and accomplish at SlC unlike nini who was about leaving that place, just to summarize what you said.

  18. Can I ask why you think the friendships haven’t been developed nor focused as well in seasons 2 and 3 than in 1? I honestly thought the friendships have been done very well (Gina/Ashlyn, Ricky/Carlos, Gina/Kourtney, Ricky/Jet etc). All of them being there for Kourtney and Carlos during ‘Here I Come’ is a huge stand out to me!

  19. What do u mean they had no friendship in season 3? They had the most! There was Gina, Kourtney and Ashlynn moments and Ricky ,E.j and Carlos moments and then there was Kourtney and Carlos moments and then there were the new people with Val and E.j, Maddox and E.j, Jet and Ricky moments. Ashlynn and maddox moments and then we had a few scenes with Alex, emmy getting advice from gina and kourtney. We even got a tiny bit of Jet and Carlos scenes

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