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  1. there's anime from years ago that I yet to watch. just relax and enjoy whatever you can at the moment. it's not a race....unless you wanted it to be i guess

  2. my 7 years old r9 290x (second hand) finally died, replaced with rx 580. planning to play old abandon game. so this is fine..for now

  3. Oh the stories I could tell you about Nexon.

  4. your journey sound healthy, while mine are ....

  5. .dang, you okay dude? I've completed around 763 anime with 230 days (14128 ep). even that is slowly counted for around 20 years.

  6. i forgot to mention some ova are included in that 762 so its 9,821 eps with 117 rewatch times.

  7. I see, glad you in better places now. I barely have the time to watch 1 ep of anime now. just light gaming and working out took quite some times tbh

  8. Giving community score to an anime felt weird to me as someone who grew up without much internet access and just enjoy what ever shown on the tv for that days. when internet was available to me in 2009, the industry havent produce this much of anime and many show was still enjoyable on that year. now in my 30's, if I dont enjoyed it, I will just drop it and forget about it. life is easier that way.

  9. still waiting for gun fu anime....can we get black lagoon and cowboy bebob anime vibe again

  10. gonna wait till all the bug is fixed and the game is optimized properly by the driver before thinking of getting it years later on a sales.

  11. sunk cost fallacy my friend. many of mmorpg player are older player. younger player dont play this type of game much anymore. tho i cant really cited this conversation as Im using my environment as a references.

  12. im so dissapointed with this released...was aiming for 7000 series. not any more sadly....Just pickup a used rx 580 for 70 bucks and called it a day. (planned to play abandonware and psx and ps2, old nintendo game and some, many modern game dissapointed me tbh).

  13. two years? I've been waiting since I first saw the trailer when they first released it.

  14. Right now im not even sure if I can afford 4k series when 6 or 7k series came production in the future.

  15. for starters a one time payment to download / watch the one anime that you wanted to watch from the studio it self would be nice.

  16. no game is a must have. I cant remember any recent game without bug in recent years. Playing few years old game gotten at sales made me way happier now

  17. man u reminded me of kaze no stigma, I read the novel and waited for a very long time only to learned the fate of author

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