1. Oh My God! It is super dangerous. Last year I had the same situation and suddenly other tree’s huge branch fell down on me and took 3 months to get back to normal. I was lucky that hanging tree drop down other side.

  2. I received $145 but needed to contact with Uber support and send them very long three mails to explain how it affected my income in such a busiest weekend.

  3. Super weird that there is almost not horn sound of cars which super disturbed me while I was visiting Mumbai few years ago.

  4. Nothing. Sent an email. They responded someone will arrange a call to discuss the issue. Lol

  5. They customize them for each driver separately. In my case once I turned Gold I started getting challenges. it’s easy to “level up”.. u don’t always get them. For some weeks instead of challenges it’s been $9, 12, 15, $18 bones for every 3 rides. The whole day Which is much better than a challenge

  6. Actually I compared with previous years. Hourly rate is almost same. Just there is a big difference on the Promotions. Previously promotion for 80 tip was $ around $600.

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