This incredible underground ant city

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  1. Also, Existing AMMs with Uniswap v2 interfaces will be able to integrate the Kirin Metaverse AMM.

  2. In theory, decentralization can fundamentally revolutionize the game, but it’s extremely difficult to locate projects that are active and demonstrating the value at this time. The closest I’ve seen are DAO’s like

  3. I believe Ethereum to be the most secure, technologically advanced, and powerful L1. While other L1s clearly build, the Ethereum foundation works hard and never stops; yet, Ethereum has greater adaptability. I'm planning to allocate a large chunk of my entire portfolio to it once it appears to have bottomed out, as well as to reinvesting in bitcoin after luckily selling around the top.

  4. Those things he's been stepping on are sturdy I can say that. Hell his whole house is well built if it's like that. Also this was giving me anxiety lol.

  5. Oh that's gotta hurt. But it's sand so maybe it cushioned a little.

  6. The parallax effect on the live website looks cool though. So... maybe parallax?

  7. The relief on the moms face. Almost 24 months of being pregnant

  8. So that means by the end of 2022, the Coinbase Pro platform will be transitioned.

  9. Since Nexo has been around for four years, they have already experienced a bear market, and they have capital to purchase Celsius assets, I would take it easy on them.

  10. So he went to the moon with DOGE and then says to not invest on crypto anymore... wow.

  11. I wonder if CEXes are making faking the orders to make their scams look legit. I hope not.

  12. Just live somewhere else where you can short everything. Problem solved.

  13. ZK proofs can be used for a variety of other purposes. For instance, when you deposit tokens on Polygon Nightfall, you must show a proof of ownership for the tokens, even though the L1 contract really holds them in its own.

  14. Even if you do manage to speak with someone, they are untrained, unsure of what to do, and will either give you inaccurate information or just hang up.

  15. Look into Dot Finance, which will be Moonriver's first Defi aggregator. It offers high APY and the platform is also auto-compounding.

  16. I've been using Yahoo Finance for a long time now, it's working for me so I never had a reason to change.

  17. UX was also an issue for me. It felt like I was cramming for a university exam when I learned about stash/controller wallets and how to stake with a validator.

  18. I'm having the same issues. I simply switched to OkCoin to eliminate the complexity of staking from my ledger.

  19. 100%. There is so much innovation going on right now with the future google/facebook/amazon just waiting to happen

  20. And cross chain compatibility and the integration of other/new features too!

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