[Setlist Thread] 2023/04/23 Hollywood Bowl - Los Angeles, CA

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Megathread: Manhattan Grand Jury Votes To Indict Trump

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  1. Tim Robbins has been writing/directing/producing steadily for years. WTF is he talking about?

  2. Also, his net worth is around 70 million. He’s doing ok.

  3. Any tricks on not to cry when cutting onions?

  4. I saw it twice & it killed both sets. Terrible live (with phish). Awesome w the Trey orch stuff though

  5. Somewhat close would be lake Lanier. Prob 30-45 min drive. Def no camping in Alpharetta though & the venue is in the middle of a bunch of corporate offices

  6. No reason to stay awake when your benefactors have already bought your vote

  7. I can’t stand Thomas, but this is a hilarious visual & I’d like to see it happen

  8. Quite surprising that it looks like we’re gonna get through a whole tour without a single Wilson, Reba, Slave, Suzy, Jibboo, Llama etc

  9. Goose as well. I could see some younger heads try and get on that train as it’s leaving the station.

  10. What is the name? I get you're trying to let OP know they need to credit people, but I'm really interested in seeing if she sells things.

  11. Does anyone know who the artist is? I'm sure she has a social profile, but OP is a karma bot who doesn't give credit.

  12. check out that waves from seattle night 1 - wooooooo

  13. So you can now marry a 12 year old, and then beat her when she's late home from work. Right wing nirvana has been achieved.

  14. This is exactly the issue. My dad, who is educated, watches it constantly. I asked him if he knew about the lawsuit & if he knew they admitted to reporting false news & think of their viewers as “cousin fucking morons” & he said “yea, but they’re still the best place for news.” They’ve totally brainwashed a large portion of people & other than those people dying off, they aren’t going to change

  15. …phish is fun, and it seems every other year they eat their wheaties, but even at 90s gas, lodging and ticket prices they’re hardly worth traveling from show to show anymore. Add in the remarkable hike in ticket, hotel, gas, plane, food costs and its a no brainer. Play the phish lotto — pick a 3 day run this summer and hope for the best. It’s crazy to think I was able to do full summer tours in the 90s on a bogus winter/spring college job wage, but as a 40 year old with no kids and a great job even doing a 4 day run at Dick’s seems unreasonable.

  16. Yeah it’s crazy to think in 98 I did Houston -> Lemonwheel for around the same cost as a 3 night run now

  17. Yep. It’s crazy. Everything is expensive, but shows are saturated with new, generic, and downer songs and it’s a real drag to go to a rock show and have to listen to that kinda stuff every other show. Oh well, perhaps this will be more of a 21 type year than a 19 or 22.

  18. I don’t mind the new stuff as much as most. My issue is the lack of practice & touring. It would be different if I knew they were practicing for 1-2 months, all day every day leading up to tours or were playing way more shows per year. But now it’s a crapshoot to how rusty they’ll sound/how long they take to really get locked in. When they do get locked in, they’re still the greatest band in the world (to me), I just wish they’d put more effort in pre-tour

  19. Her sons Trump style hair is definitely a choice

  20. the saddest part about the GOP, they don't realize they are the bad guys.

  21. Disagree, they know. They just don’t care as long as they keep making money

  22. Well ....... it's on. You can expect Biden to be indicted at some point too, and probably other future presidents. I'm a fan of neither, but once you cross that line, it's going to be hard to put the genie back in the bottle....... Be careful what you wish for.

  23. Good! I don’t want any criminals running the country & making laws. From any party. Bring it on!

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