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  1. You are complaining about a tiny problem In society, which is that people complain about tiny problems in society instead of “world hunger, or climate change”.

  2. Not liking a food that other people like shouldn’t be on here. Like nobody cares that you don’t like avocados. It literally doesn’t matter to anybody

  3. Ask her to peg you. Nah I stg you might be into it and it could save ur relationship

  4. Who has ever honestly sat through a whole carnage set, much less an extended one anyway. The dude peaked hard with the spaceman remix and has fell short since.

  5. He did Drakes new album with a few other producers and he won’t shut up about it

  6. I’ve had my laptop for 3 years and it has never looked this bad

  7. Step 1. Read ANY other post about the same exact question Step 2. Realize that you should have bought the ddj 400 in the first place Step 3. Cry in buyers remorse

  8. What did you expect? You thought he was just giving you money because he is nice?

  9. Wow really? Reddit is not that deep? Thanks dude. What would I have done without you?

  10. I mean you are reading the words but you clearly aren’t understanding. I hope you get better soon :)

  11. Oh no! Looks I need you still. My second day on earth istn going so well :(

  12. …I think sarcasm isn’t for you babe

  13. Say nothing, hyperreal, you and me are my 3 favorites

  14. no problem man we sellin' out and bein' lamez in 2k22, fuck the haterzzzz! Goddamn NERDZ!

  15. Ur fucking lit af. If you were a drug I would take it

  16. You mind letting all the women know? I'm spending too much time in my room working on cuts and producing records to do so myself. :P

  17. I mean it never says that the fem Godzilla is a woman, it’s kinda our fault for assuming it. Could be a man, we don’t know, and it isn’t stated. Although I 100% agree that the creators intentions were not to have the fem Godzilla be ambiguous

  18. Backcountry camping is like nothing else. I’m not surprised you hate camping, you clearly have never been so deep in the backcountry that anything could happen out in the ‘real’ world and you would never even know

  19. I hate Roland so much. Not sure if the show wanted you to straight up hate him or if you were supposed to pity him or see him as a lovable bimbo, but almost all of his interactions with the rose family I hated. He almost never makes the morally correct decision, and almost always frustrates me.

  20. Only have enough energy for names not links, but Avicii’s club space set from 2010-03-27 is incredible. Also Fisher from Ultra 2022 was really great

  21. How do you get this opportunity???? Never djd before and gets to play at a CLUB and half the people in this sub practice 26 hours a day and suck off the club owners and still get nothing!

  22. Well it's a small town and i know some people at the club. They needed a dj and i made a playlist for them, i guess good taste in music was more important than having any skills.

  23. Oh got it. Makes sense. Good luck!

  24. Read the sub this question gets asked at least once a day

  25. You’re right I should’ve checked out the sub it was my first time here

  26. I would mix songs you like to listen to. I started djing bc I love house music, so I mix house music. When I started I picked two random songs that were already in my playlist and just mixed from outro to intro. I feel like many people over complicate djing, as you get more comfortable is when you will do more “tricks” and things like that.

  27. Press space bar in rb performance mode to lose the visual aids. You screen just becomes your music library. This forces you to beat match by ear. A much authentic way to practice and to get ready for CDJ’s.

  28. I went and tried this and honestly, for me I like to see the waveforms not to beatmatch really but to see where I am in the track.

  29. This is where having an 800 or a 1000 helps, because you can at least have the bare minimum of information, including mini wave forms on the jog displays.

  30. Yeah I also have a rare eye disease which makes looking at the large laptop screen easier, so when I remove all the info and the bpm is in tiny font in the top of the screen it gets tough

  31. You can produce for other people from your house or studio. Or you could dj purely for social media. But yeah this is a weird question to ask, because if you don’t like large crowds obviously you shouldn’t be djing for large crowds (unless you don’t have an issue being on a stage in front of the crowd as opposed to being in the crowd)

  32. Not only this, but I suppose there is a heavy selection bias when publishing a 30s video... I just can't imagine how on earth 0/10 people are not able to name even their own country.

  33. It doesn’t need to try to make a point. And can’t sometbing be made for humor and also to point out that maybe America should focus just a little bit more in education? Just because something is exposing a failure of society doesn’t automatically mean it’s a bad thing. I would argue if it is making a point it’s a good thing because it is helping us get better as a society.

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