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  1. Pawsa at iii points was so good. But I think Green Velvet at space was my favorite

  2. Called Rhyme Dust, with MK. Neeeeeed it, should be out soon-ish

  3. No that’s a different song. Rhyme dust is something else this is miracle maker

  4. Went to subtronics and someone literally picked me up because I didn’t want to mosh. There are respectful ways to mosh and disrespectful. If you are a group of 20 big guys I’d imagine you made the people around you pretty uncomfortable, especially if you were hitting/bumping into them, which a large group like that I’d expect you to.

  5. legality has been the only logical and evidence based reason to avoid it.

  6. Literally. So sad that racism and the alcohol lobby force feeds society how bad weed is when if you think logically for a few seconds you will wonder why so many people in society are so comfortable binge drinking and not smoking. Conditioning at its finest

  7. So sad that cannabis is so villainized when it is so much safer than alcohol, which I consider it’s legal counterpart.

  8. Haha Miami native here. As soon as I saw your title I figured Space would be immediately mentioned. In my opinion, it’s the best house/techno club in the world.

  9. Yeah I’ve been in Miami for the past 3 years. Space is just so incredible I love it. On their website they say they close at 11, and I know most of their events close at 11. Had a friend go to John summit Halloween and was there until like 2 lol. I want to go to Paradise Basel but the tix are so damn expensive.

  10. Yea the online hours of operation always say 11-11 but reality is that it opens at 11 PM but stays open until about 3 pm.

  11. Thanks! Yes I will have to try it sometime. Hopefully soon too. Need that morning sunrise mimosa

  12. Sample packs for drums. Everything else I just make from scratch for the most part. Has worked out okay for me. I like the sounds that I make but can’t get the mixing and mastering quality to where I like it.

  13. When will high school students realize the classes you take matter less than you clearly think they do. The school I go to has some students that got a 1600 sat and some with a 1200. Just saying your classes are not enough.

  14. Are you majoring in sharing your classes online for validation from strangers?

  15. Why would you think that? Logically, like it doesn’t make sense

  16. I saw lee Foss at club space a year or so ago. Amazing set. Amazing.

  17. This is the order the artists will play in. The exact times are just my educated guess

  18. I hope artbat isn’t the same time as Chris lake

  19. You are complaining about a tiny problem In society, which is that people complain about tiny problems in society instead of “world hunger, or climate change”.

  20. Not liking a food that other people like shouldn’t be on here. Like nobody cares that you don’t like avocados. It literally doesn’t matter to anybody

  21. Ask her to peg you. Nah I stg you might be into it and it could save ur relationship

  22. I’ve had my laptop for 3 years and it has never looked this bad

  23. Step 1. Read ANY other post about the same exact question Step 2. Realize that you should have bought the ddj 400 in the first place Step 3. Cry in buyers remorse

  24. What did you expect? You thought he was just giving you money because he is nice?

  25. Wow really? Reddit is not that deep? Thanks dude. What would I have done without you?

  26. I mean you are reading the words but you clearly aren’t understanding. I hope you get better soon :)

  27. Oh no! Looks I need you still. My second day on earth istn going so well :(

  28. …I think sarcasm isn’t for you babe

  29. Say nothing, hyperreal, you and me are my 3 favorites

  30. no problem man we sellin' out and bein' lamez in 2k22, fuck the haterzzzz! Goddamn NERDZ!

  31. Ur fucking lit af. If you were a drug I would take it

  32. You mind letting all the women know? I'm spending too much time in my room working on cuts and producing records to do so myself. :P

  33. I mean it never says that the fem Godzilla is a woman, it’s kinda our fault for assuming it. Could be a man, we don’t know, and it isn’t stated. Although I 100% agree that the creators intentions were not to have the fem Godzilla be ambiguous

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