1. You could lightly cover it with a sheet of plastic cling film if you are microwaving it. If it is cooking in the oven, you might want a bit of aluminum foil over it.

  2. Pursuing education is never a bad thing. Just ensure that (even with tuition paid) you can still handle the incidentals — textbooks, school supplies, lab fees, knife roll…you may want to speak with a guidance counselor about other associated costs. I used to work at a community college with a tuition program like that, and I know that the extras do add up more quickly than you might expect. Be aware that there are core classes (English, Math, etc) that you will have to take unless you have taken them previously that will also have costs associated.

  3. I see it at Walmart, Amazon, and a couple other places on line. There are also several copycat recipes, if you wanted to make your own.

  4. Why not ask those friends to help you learn? Explain to them what you have to us? You could use a book too, but a lot of books don’t really teach the techniques that are kind of learn by doing/know-how. That may be why, regardless of your timers and things, recipes are not working for you. Or, ask another friend to help you learn, as a surprise.

  5. Boiled egg sliced on buttered toast, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, quesadillas, cereal and milk, oatmeal, grilled cheese?

  6. Also remember you will be coring those tomatoes. Which will lower the overall weight — so purchase slightly more than you think you might want. Depending on what type of tomatoes are available, the number you purchase will vary.

  7. In terms of just plain not having chemical additives/preservatives, etc., I think made from scratch is always worth it. It may say no sugar added, but…no telling what they DO add!! Technically, they can say no sugar added but add high fructose corn syrup and the like.

  8. thats why i wanted to do made from scratch so i can control what does into the sauce. and use a recipe that doesnt add sugar

  9. In terms of most spices/seasonings, the thing that matters most is freshness vs. name brand. So, spending up to 3x as much for McCormack Organic isn't worth it IME. I often look at the "ethnic" aisle of the grocery store or discount groceries and get the cheaper bottles. Badia spices are great, and prevalent around me-EDIT!! Please see

  10. Regarding your choices to purchase Badia, you may want to see this Consumer Reports Study on

  11. Oh, damn!! I had no idea!! TY! I'm going to edit my comment to reflect your info, just so OP sees it. Shucks, now I gotta go look through my pantry. I hadn't bought any in awhile, and just went through and restocked. I definitely bought some Badia, but don't remember how many.

  12. Well, to be fair…there are several surprising brands on that list, but Badia does seem to be more frequent. It’s dang frightening.

  13. Does the goat yogurt come in a Greek yogurt variety? That would achieve the thickness you need. Or you can line a very fine strainer with cheesecloth, dump the yogurt in there, and let it drain for about 24 hours — it will get quite thick.

  14. Yeah, I gave up Pam due to the residue I was seeing about 30 years ago. I use olive oil on a regular basis. If I happen to have made bacon in my cast iron, nothing on earth is better than frying a couple of eggs in the bacon grease.

  15. No one “needs” one. People want them, they’re the trending latest greatest appliance. But, you can achieve mostly the same type of results in your regular oven.

  16. I really disagree. Some things you can get similar results with. But my oven can't make fries at all

  17. Well, that’s why I specified “mostly the same type of results” rather than “exactly the same results.” I do know there are some things it won’t do in precisely the same way. But I still don’t think that purchasing a whole appliance just for its ability to make fries makes a lot of financial sense.

  18. For how long is cooked food safe to eat if kept in an airtight container in room temperature?

  19. Yes, this is still the case with airtight containers, and no, you do not have to wait for food to cool completely before refrigerating. It is good to let it cool a bit, but completely cooled is not necessary.

  20. Fresh fruit is always great, and it is fairly easy to keep some precut in the fridge. (Cutting it up is important to prevent choking!) Babies like crackers like saltines and goldfish, usually small veg they can pick up easily (like those bags of frozen peas and carrots, which you can just pop a small bowl of in a pot or microwave to warm. I’ve never seen a little one not like Mac n’cheese, and that would be easy to prepare and freeze in small portions. You can work with small diced chicken or Turkey pieces, again small diced to prevent choking, or small bits of ham. Cubes of cheese are usually a hit as well.

  21. Toss it in the freezer for later. It’ll hold well and be a great side on a night when you need a veg.

  22. Wellll, she is right in a way just not exactly about why. You tear lettuce because it is gentler, the edges don’t brown as quickly. Cut lettuce browns very quickly, generally speaking.

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