This is $70 worth of groceries in the most expensive city in the USA [OC]

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  1. Seattle food is your answer.

  2. Where do you go to school? Neighborcare or Student health should be able to see you and help you see a dentist.

  3. I am 45 (F) and am playing and loving this game.

  4. Not an automatic break up. There are so many more details I would need. We have built a life together over the last 20 years, a mistake even as egregious as cheating deserves to be talked out prior to walking away. We would both need to recommit to each other and really put in work but there is so much more to our marriage than physical intimacy. I imagine we would need to redefine the marriage but there are soooo many variations of "cheating" it would really depend. An ongoing emotional and physical affair, we are probably not coming back from that. An evening with a sex worker, that is something we need to talk about and work through to see what lead to those choices.

  5. Thank you!!! Google was failing me, I don't know why I didn't think about Wikipedia.

  6. Stale cigarette smoke. Reminds me of my high school boyfriend.

  7. Haha I'm also in Seattle and was thinking "in no universe am I getting all that for $70."

  8. Where are you people shopping in Seattle? That is totally doable in Seattle. Don't go to Met Market or PCC and you can get all that for $70. Source: I have a family of 5 and we live on one (not tech money) income in the city limits of Seattle.

  9. This has not been a great year for corn so far but local produce stands are generally your best bet. Corn won't get good here until August.

  10. My friend wrote a great book after she visited all of Seattle's 426 parks. Here is her blog, she has some great lists on it.

  11. West Seattle is still pretty nice and relatively safe. If you can live without the bridge which should be fixed in a year, you may be able to find a bargain or two.

  12. Look at the apartments in the Junction. It has a village feel but is not as "fancy" as the east side. Great restaurants, record store and an independent theatre that survived COVID and is still showing plays!

  13. PCC in West Seattle has bulk liquid soap and other body care. I am not sure about other PCC stores but that would be my first stop.

  14. Because we are the main drivers of the car our teenager is learning to drive.

  15. Could not pay me to live in Kent.

  16. I love Alki Beach and have lived in West Seattle for over 10 years but for your work commute, Queen Anne is the answer. No kids I am guessing? West Seattle is very family friendly.

  17. Don't forget to check out West Seattle. It is a little more family centric but I lived near the Junction when I was a single female in my 20's and it was great. Your commute to Georgetown and South Seattle will be a breeze. If you need to commute north though, probably not worth it due to the bridge being out.

  18. Foie Gras. I have tried it in a few different preparations and obviously at very high end restaurants. It is sort of okay but neither my husband nor I can figure out why people think it is so great.

  19. If you are in West Seattle, the Morgan Junction Thriftway has an amazing variety of chocolates including Callebaut. If you are not over here, nevermind, we are an island now.

  20. I love Rocket. She is really sweet and I dig all the pink.

  21. McClendon's in White Center has a lot of them.

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