1. Do you think he's suffering from realizing the church he serves is a giant hedge fund? Ps totally serious question, is he questioning the truth of the church?

  2. Don’t forget the Catholics. “Impure thoughts” is very bad Catholic juju as well. And they may have invented the concept.

  3. Not entirely the same. Catholics would say to avoid impure thoughts because they could tempt you to sin. However the thought itself is not sinful.

  4. Eleven years of Catholic school eduction here. You get nailed for what you think about.

  5. I dunno. But, of course, they’re the ones who savage the legacy of the ones who’ve preceded them so you’d think they must wonder how their “revelations” will be treated when they’re gone.

  6. Why is it necessary to donate to him?

  7. That’s a righteous blend you’ve got going on your background!

  8. That’s aesthetically and morally beautiful!

  9. How about putting a box on your porch labeled:

  10. You’re right! Churches teach a very distorted picture of porn that probably does more damage than anything by creating an environment of secrecy and shame for those who indulge in it and mistrust and victimization in their partners.

  11. Parody is protected speech. You or your publisher, if you didn’t self-publish, may face harassment if it comes to their attention but you’re within your legal right to write parody.

  12. I can agree that making public statements and being identified as significant parts of local populations is a good idea. My family has happily celebrated non-religious Christmas for more than 40 years. But I can’t agree that being belligerent about it is going to get anyone anywhere.

  13. Excellent advice. Sometimes I shoot off at the hip. This is a great response! Let me revise my call for a positive atheist or exmormon tree for next year. Hopefully this will place a bug in someone's ear for next year.

  14. Maybe someone didn’t like last night’s Mormonism Live?

  15. They are following the example set forth by Jesus H. Christ …whose church that is.

  16. Skip the honorifics too. They’re just men like any other men. ...only possibly more dishonest and manipulative. ...I mean not Trump territory yet. ...but they would be if they could be.

  17. Can’t imagine that there’s any other recourse for the church. But, on the other hand, when they do they’ve got to know that they’re going to give this direct correspondence between Nemo and Oaks a public platform they’ve gotta hope he never gets.

  18. Can we also see the part where they all got Brazilians first?

  19. Can he learn that some people have different beliefs and practices? Or that it’s possible to pray when not everyone is joining in? Or that prayer can still be valuable to him if it’s private?

  20. Your first card was lovely but adding the sections and closely nestled seeds really sells the pomegranate concept. I think the deckled edge fits the design like a glove. Did you create it or find the cards with it?

  21. Cheers! The deckled edge cards are a cream watercolour blank with envelopes from Strathmore.

  22. Great choice! Every element of your card complements the others.

  23. Hope someone’s got a screen capture. It was Raiders of the Lost Ark meets X Files stuff!

  24. Yeah every year we look at all the village sets we don't have, and the price just keeps going up.

  25. By the way, don’t forget that Lego publishes all the directions and part lists on their website. If you’ve got a brick stash and/or feel like sourcing the bricks you can still build ‘em.

  26. “We’re so anxious to get to know you that we’d like to start off by being obtuse and confrontational.”

  27. What could be fun for the next round is:

  28. It's beyond man's understanding, so you shouldn't listen to anything we've said. Also, we're the only source of truth, so you have to listen to what we say.

  29. How is becoming gods within human understanding?

  30. Becoming independent as a young adult is tough. It just is for everyone. But when you add breaking away from religion and all the superstition and family and community pressure on to it that’s a LOT.

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