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  1. I am a female death lol. But I solo so I'm likely never seen in the wild.

  2. I guess my biggest flex was being the one to come up with the name "Server Dude" when the game was hacked last year.

  3. waittt i think i remember you and can confirm, i was like watching it all go down on reddit and i logged on in time before the servers shut down. so i remember everyone going nuts in the commons, and saying “SERVER DUDE!!!!” 🤣

  4. Bruh I remember back in the early days of Wiz, during the whole “wizard101 music video phase”, the death tower and myth towers were hot spots for roleplayers and people asking for sexy times cringe

  5. the way to go about making friends is just questing until you run into people doimg your quest / dungeon. for normal people only!

  6. I've literally soloed the entire game so far. I'm almost through Avalon. I've done Team Ups for a few dungeons but never done full quests with anyone.

  7. Why do guys play girl characters and dress them in the common “girl” look lol, I also play RS3 and it’s also very common.

  8. I don't know. As I mentioned. I am a girl. I just like messing with gross wizbros.

  9. thats so funny that a 130 is rationg you for using prisms. the second he enter lemuria, his ego will hit a wall hard and fast.

  10. Oh thanks! I'm always insecure about my damage and pip ratings tbh.

  11. The Commons is where the Legend of Server Dude was The Commons.

  12. For similar reasons, I don't give head. I've been honest with many partners and it just boils down to being honest asap so you can save yourself some time. I've been with my current partner for 5 years and we've tried to work on my hatred of it, but we've agreed at this point that it is a 100% red zone for me and we've found other things he likes more.

  13. First thing I do when going into a dungeon is check stats. If we're about even, I'll hit when I've beefed myself up enough. If not, I beef the strongest person.

  14. This is the best thing. I feel happy knowing my Cult of Server Dude is going strong 😢

  15. Are you the one that went, “ The server dude has spoken. “ ?

  16. My favorite was the last one. It was literally a line from Breaking Bad that said "My name is Walter Hartwell White. I live at 308 Negra Arroya Lane Albuquerque New Mexico 87104. This is my confession"

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