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  1. None. I am just pointing out that there are ways to decinate cities without nukes.

  2. Maybe here, but not otherwise. Steam count shows that U13 has basically done nothing to revitalize the playerbase after the huge spike at Odyssey's launch, which quickly plummeted to the lowest it's ever been.

  3. Yeah. I got ED at the end of 2018. I loved it, I put more than 100 hours in it.

  4. FNIS had code in it at one point that made it cease to function if you had ModDrop installed--a thing that is actually used for other games over Mod Organizer.

  5. Yup! It's about the time people began looking at making an alternate to FNIS. Because of this. And also some other uh. Shady things. Like bricking your game and refusing to work if you used a different dodge move than Fores liked.

  6. Actually there already is an alternative; Nemesis! It works better and the obly thing itcan't do that FNIS can is creature animatons. Which are mainly for the perverts on Lovers Lab.

  7. I wanna work at Porsche, which means I'll probably have to work for volkswagen first. Which always makes me laugh because ill be a trans lesbain working for nazimobile.

  8. Low key can believe someone in the community might of said this, I had a friend whose bi/leaning more towards females and she said this about a show showing same sex men kissing in a kids show, not making out or anything aggressively sexual but that display and having a same sex couple on a kids show she said wasn’t appropriate which took me aback because like ain’t this what we’re fighting for ? Lol also look at Caitlyn Jenner 🤷🏽‍♀️

  9. Oh please. There are plenty of LGB people who are transphobic. The way they use LGBTQ as this monolith rather than recognizing it’s a coalition of similarly oppressed peoples makes it so /AsABlackMan.

  10. Could've helped that one doctor in Florida that got shot after he accidentally gave a dude an orgasm during a prostate exam


  12. It might be splitting hairs, but tassets tend to be a series of separate plates that are hung either directly or indirect from torso armor. That, I think, would make them part of a dress rather than a skirt.

  13. Accepting transphobia would be like letting a guy wielding a burning torch in one hand and a Molotov cocktail in the other into a library. It's just a bad idea on its face, they are going to be causing problems.

  14. Well unless it is a library of Harry Potter, Joe Rogan Recordings, and other hatefull works.

  15. “D&D is making devil worshiping MURDERERS out of OUR KIDS!!!!” -idk, some parent in the 80s.

  16. And this "Heavy Metal" that they like is from Satan Himself!!! -Same Parents

  17. While I prefer to paint something that is built, its not always possible. I painted Magnus the red (daemon primarch one) and its just too massive to hold properly as you paint it. Some models are light and easy to hold, but are way too "closed" in their posture, with arms close to their body and many unreachable spots. Because of that, you have to paint some pieces before assembling. For example, you can built the whole body+head of a space marine, but his arms should be painted before being glued on as they more often than not hide the chest and are against the body.

  18. That is why I have been doing it in pieces. The Space Marine arms and pauldrons block a ton of the torso! And even the legs in some cases.

  19. Is it a issue that I am using the primer as the base? I am paijting Ultramarines until I get better (simple) so I am using a Macragge Blue primer.

  20. I actually do have a modloader for risk of rain and h3 so I probably could do it that way.

  21. Honestly at this point it’s basically our only chance at content

  22. It sounds like I might have set the supercruise towards Andromeda at the right time :(

  23. girl who learns makeup so she can be better at painting her wargame minis

  24. Jumping spiders are pretty cute and harmless if you want a starting point to get used to spiders. It's completely fine if you don't wanna look any of this stuff up though.

  25. I think I'll just avoid that altogether. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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