1. Yes it’s blah. We guessed it a long time ago. And now she’s going to get help and what, it’ll be over? This big storyline for nothing but her to go away.

  2. I started watching because it was part of my girlfriend’s routine.

  3. The unfinished stories drive me crazy. I want to see the rest of Helena’s video. Also, I think Luke is alive. They just randomly decided to kill him off! There’s more to it.

  4. It has gotten very stale. There is a lot of fast forwarding. I still watch because I have since I was a baby. I feel it’s both out of habit and loyalty. Perhaps if some of the old writers and producers came back things would get better. There are still good actors/actresses. But very few of the storylines in the last few years have been great. I personally don’t complain much because I try and avoid arguments, it’s naturally how I am lol. I can see the points of different people however. I just try not to take sides when viewers argue. We all have our opinions right. Hell, the one person on the show I’m 100% on team with is Valentin lol. The rest are sometimes I like them, sometimes I don’t. Anyway, if a person were to gripe at me for saying, “Todays episode was terrible.”, I might ask them to give me a good reason why it wasn’t. Then I would say, “Well that’s your take on it.” I have taken breaks from GH but for now I just stuck around.

  5. Marcus’ Nikolas has been nothing but a dud. He’s not charming and clever like James’ Valentin, Stephen’s Stefan and Robert’s Stavros. He’s nothing like them. Even Charles’ Victor is better. This portrayal of Nik has never felt like a true Cassadine to me. I prefer either Tyler Christopher or Stephen Martines, both played the role well. I’m sure Helena would feed this version of her prince to a dragon. 😂

  6. Malibu Shark Attack is a great, realistic one. Lifeguards get trapped in their box after a tidal wave. The sharks come along and crunch. I recommend this one!

  7. last summer jason & carly kept saying “united front” over & over again. anyone would have died of alcohol poisoning if a shot was downed every time they said it. my eyes started twitching when someone else said it this week. i can’t remember for the life of me but i was ready to throw my remote at my tv cos they uttered “united front”

  8. Oh and She took Sonny from us for 9 months!. We would all be blacked out drunk with that one.

  9. So funny that Michael was with Nelle and they didn’t know she was Kiki’s sister until after she was dead. And now he is with Willow and didn’t know Nelle was her sister until after she was dead

  10. If they're going in the direction of making this Dex guy a mole then they may wanna tone it down for now on the sinister music and shit. They're making it too obvious. Lol

  11. I wonder who he is a mole for. Definitely not the police since they’re all buddy buddy. But by the look on his face I could tell he’s suspicious of the new guy. So desperate to work for the mob boss. Somethings up for sure.

  12. "This is Dan Bell" on YouTube has great content, dead mall explorations, dirty hotel rooms, and urbex. Great channel.

  13. I feel like they put together this crap in the last 2 or 3 months. They just sat there and thought, “You know, we need a new ‘character goes crazy’ story.” For a little while it seemed Nina was headed there with the whole finding out the truth about Nelle, which as we now know was the plan since she showed up to PC working alongside her mom. Then all of the sudden, “Oh, Nelle has a twin and it’s her son’s adoptive mom.” They could have simply had Harmony get the guts to tell her the truth rather than bring in the whole story of “Harmony is a killer who kills again and starts to act crazy”. She obviously did bad things anyway, including stealing a baby, but why make her worse? She seemed to be becoming a good character up until this crap story started. I would much rather have Nelle come back having faked her death. Maybe that will still happen. Let’s hope.

  14. Same. I never realized just how many people have it bad like me. But after being on here for quite some time, although quiet lol, I see there are a lot of people with shit luck as well. It’s been this way my entire adult life. Bad luck with dating/relationships and friendship. Anyway, I have felt cursed for a very long time.

  15. Michael sure has a thing for Silas’ daughters. Kiki, Nell, and now her twin, Willow.

  16. Okay, this is kind of off topic but I just wanted to share that I am now officially a published author!

  17. I’ll answer it but like the previous poster said, it needs to not ask for e-mail. I’m not comfortable giving that away.

  18. Meanwhile, said Coach probably sits on his a** more than he works on the salesfloor…

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