1. I'm going 2 1/2 years caffeine free and my anxiety is way better. But, quitting caffeine isn't the main reason. I've adopted a way healthier lifestyle of diet and intense exercise. I still get a little but it's like 80% better than it was when I was consuming 2-3 cups of coffee a day and eating like crap and barley exercising. My anxiety was so bad that I would get it when exercising, driving and even walking down the city streets. I had to workout while getting attacks during exercise for like 6 - 8 months. I had to basically do exposure therapy, which is a professional technique, of getting less and less anxiety while working out a e being in exposed to an anxious activity, , and suffered through it as much as my mind could take. I had to get my mind to finally understand (re-wired) that I was fine and that my heart beating hard was just exercertion. I didn't go 0 to 100, I've been working out for about 2 years and am now doing pretty intense stuff 4-5 days a week and feel way better. I promise if you do this, it will get so much better for many of you if you suffer from anxiety.

  2. Really helpful. I will definitely look at this ‘Exposure therapy’ that you mentioned. Thank you for sharing your story, glad you’re much better :)

  3. Are you on PC?? I’ve always thought that you can see much better on PC than on console as you have filters and all sorts of settings that help with visibility. I’m on PS5 and I can’t see at all really.

  4. Im also on ps5. I can’t see and then when I see the killcam I can see perfectly. It makes 0 sense to me

  5. What I’ve heard (could be totally wrong, I recall Jgod explaining it in some video), is that the gas visibility moves in ”cycles” where every other 10 seconds you can see absolutely clearly through the gas while every other 10 seconds you can’t see a thing. Personally I have it happening both ways and usually it seems like when I get killed in the gas the person killing me has the ”perfect visibility” cycle on while I have the ”zero visibility” at the time of me getting killed. Don’t know how accurate my explanation is but whatever it is it sucks, should be same visibility for everyone at every time of the game.

  6. Very helpful info. Thanks very much :)

  7. Ok so I’m in UK - Tatami I’ve had mixed products- my second gi which was on special shrunk so much for all 3 of us that bought it.. their customer service is excellent though and I’d have no hesitation in buying blind there. My first gi from there is still in fine fettle. I like the look of Scramble, Progress as well. Kingz is next in my list to try. There’s also Ravenwear for funky and a Gracie University do some good quality stuff online too from US

  8. Whatever the last blue belt to stop coming to practice bought.

  9. Definitely the most creative answer in this thread. Thanks 😊

  10. Sounds like a cautious/anxiety thing from me. I should just go and do it

  11. If you've been training twice a week for 3 years you should be close to getting your blue belt, so if you want to compete at white belt now is the time.

  12. Many injuries in that time and missed months, so still a white belt. I’ll definitely be competing at white belt for sure

  13. I love the live at Pompeii version from David some years ago. That version of solo brings literal tears

  14. I wish Joey Diaz joined the conversation. He’s a major Pink Floyd fan.

  15. Didnt seem like roger wanted to talk about pink floyd much

  16. I’ve had this trouble. I try to calm down but also, the next challenge for me is that I don’t want to be ‘too’ relaxed in a roll.

  17. Both are necessary because they teach you different things and they compliment each other so well.

  18. Great advise and info. Never knew much about Gi but this comment has helped a lot. Thanks very much for taking your time to write that out.😃

  19. Early on either one is fine. A lot of no GI can be done in Gi but not the other way around. Gi however is the only place you’ll rank so id start there until you get some experience and establish some goals. Some gyms will rank with time from either or. My gym does this which I’m sure our more no gi inclines brethren appreciate.

  20. Ah some great info. Thanks for your comment 😃

  21. I think you’d take more shit wearing an england shirt than a USA shirt in Liverpool. A lot of the city aren’t very fond of the national team. You could say some Scousers might even root against England.

  22. Yeah, old school bjj coaches deffo think this way. 20 or 30 years ago, visiting different gyms wasn't allowed at all. Even if you were traveling you were supposed to only train at gyms belonging to the same bjj lineage or team. That attitude is no longer the dominant one in the US, but it still exists.

  23. The best thing to do in that case was to probably just not of mentioned it at all in the first place. I’ll probably never mention it again lol.

  24. Would you rather call up and ask beforehand and avoid the problem, or get confronted after class by a toxic owner/coach obsessed with traitors and spies and his group of loyal students? There are some extremely petty and toxic coaches in every martial arts community, and many of them can be quite violent.

  25. That’s excellent advise, thanks very much for your input!😃

  26. Don’t go with a taxi. Period. Trust me, I was there for the race multiple times before. There is pretty much one road leading to the track, and the traffic gets insane, you are going to get charged based on time and thats going to be alot. I see people posting here saying its 30 minutes, NO, dude, just no, on raceday that would be more like 2 hours or even more and thats not a joke or an overestimation at all.

  27. Is this the case with transport too? I found a hotel by the airport very cheap and apparently its 1 hour 45 minutes to the track with transport. Im assuming you used AirBnB staying close to mogyorod?

  28. Another one unable to use Google. Oh my.

  29. Google tells me its 28 euros while people on Reddit tell me its 60+ Euros.

  30. My female is very very smart that way. One of her dew claws got injured while fetching, she is a nut. She was fine I checked it, but when she wants to milk a little injury she does. She will run her butt off but will whine to be picked up for the couch and for attention 😍

  31. Mine is also a female 😝. Her paws/nails might have something to do with it since you mention.

  32. We just feel all up and down the leg and if no swelling is present you are good. Have had 6 through the years and wasted a ton of nonsensical cash on the first one....then we were told about the dramatic characteristics of the chi by our vet lol.

  33. Vet prices are insane especially in this crisis at the moment. Im definitely banking that she is milking it, lol.

  34. Where do you go and find songs to sample? What is the process behind finding the right tracks? We all try and find that undiscovered song that no one else has sampled yet to make it feel more unique to us.

  35. What advise would you give to someone with no connections and no friends in general and in the music world to have their art be heard?

  36. You have to start the quest with crow/spider for harbinger. For the ship where you get deadman’s tale, you need to start that quest by taking the alternate route at the start of the arms dealer strike (you can start that on its own).

  37. Go here for all the steps too acquire Hawkmoon and later to access the Harbringer mission.

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