1. Cream cheese seems like an only fort collins pizza thing, when i’ve gone to places in denver it’s never offered

  2. Nah, we had that in Lawrence KS too, and also tried to claim it there. Think it’s a college pizza thing.

  3. That’s interesting! I lived in Lawrence for a while and never came across it until I moved here.

  4. Wait, did you never have Pizza Shuttle in Lawrence? It’s an institution!

  5. The word that comes to mind when I see this is “twat”.

  6. Homemade ricotta (or “farm cheese”, but used in place of ricotta). Simplest thing in the world to do, tastes soooo much better than store bought, and people lose their minds when you tell them you made fresh cheese. I use it in lasagna and stuffed shells, and use any extra as an appetizer with some fresh herbs mixed in, served with crackers.

  7. I tried doing this and the yield of cheese to milk was so little that I never made it again. Lol. I probably made it wrong then.

  8. Honestly, I stopped doing it with a half gallon of milk and just committing to a full gallon’s worth, as the yield can vary so much.. lots of factors like the age of the milk/true fat content/position of the sun in the sky… with a whole gallon of milk + some cream, it tends to yield a fairly respectable amount of cheese every time.

  9. You could say that about people paying for nursing homes, too

  10. It’s not that the passport doesn’t cost a lot, it’s the whole cost of being able to use the passport. When you live in the middle of the US, international travel is incredibly expensive. You’re going to have at least one layover to get you to an airport that can get you out of the country, and even the drive to that initial airport can take hours. If you’re flying to Mexico/Latin America/South America, you’re at least not messing with your sleep schedule that much (maybe an hour or two), but if you’re flying to Europe/Asia/Australia, you have to plan on at least 2-3 days of just getting to/from your destination. If you don’t have paid time off or limited vacation days, it’s damn near impossible to justify it. I know that I am damn fortunate to be able to take the trips I’m able to take with my job, have friends that just can’t afford it (or refuse to justify the cost).

  11. Why no filming yourself? Just don't mess with other people....

  12. Because if I’m in the background of your sexy insta reel sweating like a buffalo and just trying to not die on the treadmill, it’s not cool if that shit goes viral

  13. I grew up in Colorado, but have lived here for a long time. My husband and my brother's wife are both from Kansas and pronounce "crayons" like "crowns." My brother once had to translate for a worker at Dollar General when his wife asked where the "crowns" were. The lady was confused.

  14. Omg, my uncle pronounced it that way! I remember one time as a really little kid, he kept telling me to “pick up the crowns” and I started crying as I couldn’t figure out wtf he was talking about… it was the crayons on the floor!

  15. You could easily swap out the meat patty for black bean/veggie/bella for any that don’t have added meat!

  16. Would also suggest experimenting with cooking other veggies different ways… I didn’t think I liked a lot of veggies for a long time until I started roasting them and playing around with egg scramble variations.

  17. I have probably about 10 inches in my yard and a foot on my car

  18. Wow! What part of town are you in? It’s maybe 4” max here in old town north

  19. I know that every home crowd is going to be vocal for their team but this KState crowd is something extra lol. Think every call should be there’s, even ones obviously not lol.

  20. That’s their thing when they play us, it’s so gd obnoxious. They’ll totally storm the court if they win too.

  21. Snow is just rolling into Fort Collins, at least I have some boozy hot chocolate to pair with this game

  22. I have the book which I have read cover to cover but looks like she also posted the recipe here:

  23. Can you please clarify how much water goes in the filling? It looks like a typo in this recipe; it has the 2T to bloom the gelatin, but then states “remaining cup (2oz)” in the next step, quite a big difference there!

  24. Can someone explain the reasoning why a horse can shit all over the sidewalk and that’s okay, but dog poop has to be picked up even if it’s off trail? Genuine question

  25. I love horses, and think it’s cool that people ride around here. However, I do not like having to dodge piles of horse poop on the Poudre trail. It’s one thing to be mindful of watching for poop on dirt trails, but sidewalks/paved trails are a whole different thing.

  26. I think most KSU fans would say Iowa State, though Oklahoma State is up there right with them for me because both schools students and fans are awesome people I've only ever had positive interactions with (plus ya know, farmageddon bros with ISU). Like, the home game weekends when we played them when I was in school you encountered so many awesome people vibing in the Ville and cheering for the pub-crawl band. So I'm so happy when I see them thrive.

  27. We pretty much always cheer for KSU in big games (that we don’t have a stake in), same reasons- most of us have had a blast partying in Aggieville, and have friends/family/coworkers that are KSU alums. The hate you guys have towards us kinda stings sometimes cue violins

  28. Eurotrip was actually really good. It's the only good example that comes to mind though.

  29. Mady's Beer Mustard. Love that stuff! It used to be a staple in my house. Bummed, I don't know where to get it anymore.

  30. Heard once that the point of a fragrance is to make the person you’re with want to lean in closer to really smell it… kinda changes the game there

  31. Yea, it's a game changer for sure..... in the sense that now I want to be not so close to them. Scent is powerful, and not always what is intended

  32. Hahaha, both ways. I enjoy so much when a man is flirting with me that I’m actually interested in, and they move just a little and you get that hint of a scent… your brain just goes “ooh, need to get more”, vs the douche who enters the room in a cloud of musk that makes your eyes water and nostrils flare

  33. Good call on that dip! There's a restaurant chain in my city that makes a queso I have always loved. A while back someone asked if any employees could share the recipe. One former cook at the restaurant did and iirc it was just velveeta and rotel. 😅 It does the trick!

  34. Total crack. I try to only eat it once a year (super bowl party!) since it’s basically plastic, but damn it hits a spot.

  35. You literally just stir the two together in roughly equal quantities, right? I really have to try it.

  36. Basically 1lb velveeta cubed up (the smaller block) to one can Rotel (double both for a bigger group). Dump em in the crock pot on high for an hour and stir every 15 min or so, then turn it down to low or warm. Great time to use a crockpot liner too… what’s a little extra heated plastic at this point when it makes the cleanup so much easier, hahaha!

  37. Tortas Jalisco. Also a fan of the shrimp tacos at Twisted Fresh.

  38. Twisted Fresh is great, their mahi mahi tacos are cravable

  39. Moody may be a great kicker, but his stashe game makes him look like he wants a liter of cola

  40. Tbh, your pics all kinda feel a little over-stylized… I would assume that you don’t actually look like any of them. Just from personal experience.

  41. https://www.advancedderm.com/about-us/our-providers/joni-debord

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