1. The deep human urge to be outside in peace, calm. Riding a horse. Sitting by a fire. Hunting and fishing...

  2. Try Imad Awan and Photo Manipulation. They're the two I started with :)

  3. Great brushwork and energy in this piece! I work in a similar way to you, using big textured brushes to block everything and get values, then slowly increase the detail. Nice work, would love to see in color too.

  4. Thanks! Checked your work, it's really amazing! Congrats! And yeah, I'll probably paint this one sooner or later , just had to try to make one and finish it as a "drawing" instead of as a base for painting, i miss it! ^^

  5. Thanks bud, very cool of you to say. Still so much to learn though eh! Every day something new. And yeah, I get you - sometimes we get caught up trying to make things look perfect and lose the immediacy of the original art. Gotta find a balance eh! Good luck pal :)

  6. You are absolutely correct. Scared the shit out of 12 year old me. And that was the hardest boss in the game for me too!

  7. Even seeing this picture brings back a feeling of dread. This boss kicked my ass so hard. Never found out about the potion hack either!

  8. Love the color values and energy of this one, and the expressive quality you've rendered on her face. I would suggest some texture, maybe with chalk brushes, to add some dimension, and some studies on fabric. Composition wise, the pose is good, some work on the legs could help, and perhaps limit distractions in the background to pull focus to your central figure, maybe desat or rework the background so it isn't competing with your main form. Just a few suggestions. Great work though, keep it up!

  9. Awesome, didn't realize you were new to RDR2! This will be my 4th playthrough now and I'm still finding things I've never seen before. Incredible. Enjoy it, I wish I could play it for the first time again! And sure, I opened an Instagram account a couple of days ago off advice on here, under LAPenmonkey, where I put up some more art. Enjoy and thanks again!

  10. I don't have IG but I'll definitely give your acct. a look if it's available!

  11. Thank you, please let me know if you can't see it on Insta. I'm guessing it's public but not sure - I'm not great with social media! Excellent comments about the game - sometimes I'm not sure you can ever see all of the various possibilities. It keeps me coming back time and again - I've just moved grudgingly from Horseshoe Overlook to Clemens Point. Did as much as I possibly could in chapter 2 when everyone was happy and the vibe is good before a certain mission 💀 And definitely left Micah out in the wild!

  12. I started another play through recently and Bill got taken by bounty hunters which I'd never seen before. I was riding south west out of Valentine and Javier appeared and told me Bill was taken. We went and rescued him.

  13. I got this one yesterday for the first time. Fourth playthrough. Couldn't believe it!

  14. You don't add the amount of garlic the recipe calls for.

  15. The love story in the episode was very cute, but it was also naked audience pandering. Because what purpose in the story of the show itself did it serve? Almost none.

  16. He looks like a cooler, older and more realistic version of Squall for some reason.

  17. You captured his likeness well, but it's 1899 and it looks like his hair came out of a salon. Can you ruff it up a bit?

  18. Good advice, I'll bear it in mind next time. I struggled with the hair tbh, learning how to make it look semi realistic. Still learning!

  19. I've got 3 bottles and I can't seem to find them anywhere. The stores are sold out so I must have them somewhere.

  20. Uh oh.. prepare for subverted expectations

  21. Sometimes I wonder if Game of Thrones doesn't have alot to answer for, subverting expectations and all. What worked for GRRM due to a combo of meticulous writing, planning, character design and worldbuilding with Neds demise, Red Wedding and Mountain vs Viper can't be replicated without a mass of intricate set up and work that most writers in the fast turn over TV business simply don't have the time (or talent) to attempt. So we get buzz words and poor execution, 9 times out of 10 (step right up Rings of Power, Witcher and Blood Origin, Wheel of Time...) I hope very much this is not the case for this show. Craig Mazin did a great job with Chernobyl and Pedro Pascal is one of the best actors out there. So fingers crossed, I'll reserve judgement.

  22. Fantastic work. I like the palette and the way you’ve captured the water in the background especially. Any tips for this?

  23. And one look at that guys twitter profile should tell you the whole story why this show ended up as it did...

  24. Arthur Morgan from RDR2. 'I gave you all I had...'

  25. Photo in question AH claims is from March 2015:

  26. Plus in the top left corner there's a leaflet for what looks like UK rail trips.

  27. When you say Blood of Elves doesn't map to a show format, is that not what a showrunner should be doing? But the book is perfectly fine as a template for that. Obviously book spoilers below.

  28. I don't think the dialouge in this show is at a level where they can built intrigue without needing a treemonster to start killing people. Watch like the first season of Game of Thrones (even though we really should not compare the two) there is like one or two fights, the rest is just building characters and interest. Wish this show had better character writing.

  29. This might be the most apt description of the shows dialogue I've ever heard.

  30. Amazing work, some nice depth you’ve managed to capture. Would love to see your process.

  31. Maybe introducing a mask mandate especially in the bloody schools that caused this outbreak? Or on the underground and trains? Or in the bloody pubs where no one is wearing a mask anymore while pushing against tens of people at the bar? It’s honestly baffling that in Europe they have mask mandates, green pass and in some places it’s impossible to work without a vaccine or a test every 2 day, and here there is absolutely NOTHING and there are people that have the shocked pikachu face when everything is going to shit.

  32. Blackthorn in Juliet Marillier’s ‘Blackthorn and Grim’ trilogy is a woman on a vengeance mission. She’s haunted, selfish, prickly, torn up by tragedies in her past, and goes on a great journey of healing. Someone recommended these books to me on here, and I’m glad to say I read them all!

  33. Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand…

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