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  1. Its basically like black history month but for lgbtqia people and their history. Minorities basically

  2. Fr i love math I mean meth I mean math

  3. I have an infinite ammount of cat pictures, it’s impossible

  4. There’s been alot more adults in this post suddenly hasn’t there

  5. I may not be op and i dont have flowers but ill give you a free hug!

  6. Have fun with that. If you wanna talk abt it you can dm me

  7. Hey if you need to talk to someone my dm’s are open and ill listen.

  8. I am cause i like kids (im a child)

  9. are you pedo if you’re twelve years old and are sexually aroused by a 17 year old? Because you are sexually aroused by kids

  10. Hello, my name is Lily and i enjoy gaming, math (other than geometry 😒) and photography! I’m 16 and im trying to exist here now cause i havent and thats about it

  11. My old english teacher was a reddit user 💀

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