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  1. Fuck it I'm going to say it: jared is not a bad actor, he just had bad luck

  2. No, Yoda and his species are one of the few things that are better left a mystery. If Yoda gets a series they're inevitably going to have to pull back that curtain.

  3. Peter apparently doesn't have a birth year. Also would've thought being blipped would've been added to the passport. Clearly Peter's got a fake ID!!

  4. Not this Peter nor canonically comics Peter

  5. Whether you think a game is unique or not doesn't change that games are art.

  6. I think he'd have been kind of redundant since he'd be in a similar environment to Peter. Whether he was good or not I don't think he'd have been as successful as he is now.

  7. I do that when my phone goes off telling me my kid is trying to access something he shouldn't be. Try to catch him in the act so he won't argue and say he never did it.

  8. Your kids just going to get a VPN

  9. Tried to tell ny parents to knock but heard "wHat ARe yOu dOiNg OvA tHEre, SoMetHing PrOhibitEd?" "If I sHoUld kNoCk i wIlL nEver eVeR EnTEr yOuR rOoM"

  10. Mine always go "I did" when they obviously as if just knocking means you can just enter without a response anyway.

  11. I've missed some of the Marvel TV stuff but I've watched everything Marvel Studios

  12. I don't think this is the cops faults for once, it's transphobic pieces of shit submitting false claims EDIT: forget this comment exists fuck cops

  13. It’s the cops fault for mishandling the case, waving a gun in her face, refusing to return her stuff, and locking all social media accounts to avoid criticism for it.

  14. Oh that is fucked up, fuck them too.

  15. Rookie numbers, I got 32

  16. He thinks he's in Star Wars

  17. I don't trust him, I'm sure there's significance to him being there

  18. Not that he has "low stock" but just that he hasn't had a breakout movie role yet but I'd kill for Adam Scott to get a role.

  19. He's in Madame Web with Sony I believe

  20. The rest of the Phase 6 slate was confirmed by Feige iirc and I'm hoping for the Fantastic Four's casting announcement.

  21. Wild that she's in that rich 1 percent of actors then huh?

  22. So she's using her platform to speak up for the actors who may be struggling with things like this now, what a crime /s

  23. He was forgotten, remember?

  24. Peter's still alive and in the MCU

  25. yeah but I wish I could have an infinite supply of all the woods types, except accacia. Litterally cannot with that block

  26. Acacia is one of the better woods, Warped and Jungle are awful.

  27. Spruce Log because chopping for hours is the most painful part of Minecraft and Spruce is probably the best wood.

  28. Stewart and McAcoy already spoke to eachother in Days of Future Past

  29. wait his wife's a doctor?

  30. I agree, but I'm not sure why you'd make one of Marvel's most religious characters say it?

  31. It’s treatment of Luke was horrible and the plot with Finn and rose was so stupid. Like what you want tho

  32. Would you have rather Luke just have been a rehash of Obi Wan in a New Hope or Yoda in Empire? Luke got an actual character arc instead of existing purely for fan service.

  33. I hope she’ll adopt Peter because they both lost (Peter may/aunt and Wanda her “kids”) I think that’ll be a good twist

  34. Woah don't go around validating Thor 1 like that

  35. Why would I cum to my dad?

  36. There's versions of each dimension for each universe, some people have speculated dimensions exist between universes but I don't think that makes sense with afterlifes.

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