1. Looks like she keeps the 200ms chainlink to kick that makes it confirmed on gs like bp/jorm used to have.

  2. On “gs”? Can you elaborate? I think I’m experiencing the issue you’re speaking of but can you clarify?

  3. guard swap if i remember correctly, essentially if you change your gaurd in the 200ms between an attack and the chain bash itll be undodgeable

  4. I see, thank you. That would explain the trouble I’ve been having dodging it, at first I thought it was me, lmao.

  5. I'd argue Kiryu tried his best, his best is just... not very good, lol. Especially because he's a walking target

  6. Maybe not the best at keeping them out of trouble, but for god damn sure the top of the game at getting them out of said trouble.

  7. Love how good dads are all murderous sociopaths.

  8. Im trans so I can’t relate to the harassment due to my voice but even just having a female username is enough for me to get harassed every few games. And then sometimes when I talk people notice the “disparity” between my voice and tag and then insult me/say im not a real woman, etc. What lovely people.

  9. Sekiro is 50% off for xbox right now. First time Ive seen a souls game on sale

  10. They go on sale a few times a year, I got DSR & DS2 SOTF for $20, and DS3 Deluxe for $40. Early in the year, Black Friday and Christmas is usually when I see them.

  11. I cruise through all the content in the game with an Ayaka half as good as yours and can 11-3 abyss with her solo. “Is it good enough?” is funny. You’re already far past “good enough” and will just break the game with a mist.

  12. she was my first 5*, and i c6'd her.

  13. bro if you can throw enough money out to just c6 anyone you like you don’t gotta worry

  14. You’re getting downvoted for this??? Lmfao this is sad

  15. I love how wishy-washy this sub is about brawls one day a post exactly like this gets posted and receives hundreds of upvotes and tons of positive comments supporting real 2s and the next day same post different person and the post gets downvoted and people are all saying you're in the wrong. This sub confuses me.

  16. I get the same shit in other subs too. Someone makes a post and gets hundreds of upvotes, I make a post with aligning takes and I wake up with a karma bomb.

  17. How did he not catch onto your light after all those punishes 💀

  18. F slur? What? Bruh its the internet have you not been around in the era of the xbox lobby chatt? If a word triggers you that much from a stranger on the internet go outside and touch grass, its just some random idiot.

  19. Again, im not at all offended by the word. It’s Xbox’s BS double standards for bans.

  20. It's the worst of all world between automated bans triggered by word X and in some cases a human looking at something with a fraction of a second time to decide yes or no.

  21. On the spot, there. Id just honestly like to be able to talk without fear of getting banned for slipping and saying anything that might remotely upset Xbox’s filter. I’d rather there be no communication bans whatsoever and you could say whatever you want than what Xbox has now.

  22. You know he gently set down the disc and lightly hovered his foot above the disc as to not damage it, then put it back in the case after looking for any scratches.

  23. Technically most of the things in this game defy logic.

  24. There are two versions of lb’s bash, the chain bash and the dodge bash.

  25. Nope, you can still parry some dodge attacks off it. Definitely not shit.

  26. From a totally and completely non-biased standpoint I suggest Kyoshin. He’s pretty cool, and you’re new so there’s likely gonna be a LOT of salt coming your way, so that’s always a plus.

  27. My guy, that’s my wallpaper lmao let me make an Imgur of it

  28. S. He has tools very few others had then. Honestly, i couldn’t imagine Kyo pre-CCU. And luckily, I don’t have to.

  29. the guy did a raw heavy (fucking baffling) into Kaze stance into light into fujin cuts which should not be nearly as fast as it is. And I don't know what you mean by "bait" it

  30. Im actually fairly certain Kyoshin’s recovery cancel into all-guard is slower than BP and Ara’s cancels. Also yes, block left and react to top and right when necessary, you won’t get hit by it again. Another tip, a lot of less experienced Kyoshins seem to throw a kaze attack (generally light) after a finisher. Expect it and parry it.

  31. Ofc it had to be a Kyoshin. Honorabru shitty weeb.

  32. As a Kyoshin player i disown him. That mf would’ve been long dead before my teammate even died. Honortards are low MMR turds that shall be burned.

  33. Damn and I'm about to buy kyoshin too...

  34. Get him! He’s fun :) If you’re in low MMR, you can probably easily abuse his kit and farm salt. Higher up, you’ll have to use brainpower and he’s actually quite enjoyable

  35. He’s pretty balanced imho. In lower MMR he’s a pretty good stomp/carry character but the higher up you go in skill he drops off quite a bit. He’s great for ganks but honestly loses a lot of damage without his passive feats. As long as you don’t throw random attacks and often, other than unblockables and bashes, you should be fine. One tip I can give is to hold guard on left, that way you can block the super fast kaze light and if he does anything else, it’s easy to react to. His chain mixup is nearly identical to BP’s, just with the undg. light, which in my opinion is pretty dumb seeing as the way to counter light spam for a lot of players who can’t react is to dodge out of chain instead of blocking or parrying. So, I could agree on that going. One more thing, a lot of newer Kyoshins like to continue their offense after a finisher with a kaze attack, generally light. Expect that shit and parry it. As far as ganking him, there’s a lot of windows for you to gb him as many of his moves are unsafe against multiple opponents. Antiganking, just try not to hit him? I know easier said than done, but it’s the same problem as a Conqueror or BP sitting in all guard next to you. And if there’s multiple of them on you at once? Pray to your gods in the next update there will be single pick, put your controller down, and accept your inevitable fate.

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