1. Yes, there will be a book 4. Per the author, the book was ~55% complete as of the end of October, so he is looking at a possible late April release.

  2. I don't understand how the ripple system can be anyone's top pick? It's one dimensional and bland, but the main thing that killed it for me was the huge amount of Deus ex machina and plot armour. My least favourite thing in a book is when the main character gets stuff just for being the main character. What did you like about it that put it at the top for you?

  3. My first response was basically "Oh, cool! What are the odds that this author also listens to that series... That's a litRPG... with progression game elements... And a snarky AI... and people in high places after his head... Ah. Yeah, pretty likely, actually."

  4. Portal Books, I believe it is portal-books.com, has Azarinth Healer book 1 slated for a mid 2022 release on their front page. They also handle the audiobooks as far as I know. But as of now I do not believe there has been an official release yet.

  5. This isn’t an official announcement or anything, but it’s likely ebook and audio will release later this year

  6. Ahh thanks so much, love hearing that! And yeah gilded ghost released in aug :)

  7. https://www.reddit.com/r/Shadeslinger/comments/w0mkx2/short_plot_summaries_for_books_1_and_2_prior_to/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  8. That’s fair, I play standard speed deity difficulty. I usually win by turn 230-250 and the AI is rarely within 75 turns of any victory condition. Maybe it’s worth it at faster speeds because you have less margin for error.

  9. T99 science here (war/pillage flip matt) and T108 peaceful science (peter) both standard speed—100% no need for that many industrial zones as production scales too slowly to be useful in the fastest games—all spaceports are either bought or chopped and all projects are completed in a single turn (including lasers) by chopping since chop values scale with tech research. If anything you build them to hit eurekas and to run projects to power your chop cities (power requirements get out of control with 15+ chops for lasers)

  10. Yeah I definitely should have been more explicit about this, pretty sure I have one line in the whole story addressing it and that’s it but you can’t go backward or negative in renown, so while he can lose all of his progress toward the next level, he can’t suddenly lose his entire path or get to the point where he’s no longer “allowed” to die

  11. It's a bad way of doing it if that's the intent. This penalty doesn't effect only the top it effects everyone. Ramping penalties as you climb the ladder and raise renown ranks would make sense, but all an exponent based curve does is make people who want to climb the ladder play like cowards. No risks can be taken because after a few deaths you're losing thousands of not millions of renown forever. With no cool off mechanic.

  12. I do indeed appreciate math, actually! Kinda be a weird fit to be in litrpg otherwise :D

  13. Just stumbled across your books 6 days ago on kindle and Franked through all 3 quicker than any series ive read yet. Loved that they were gaming and brought me to the first time I played FF or WoW. Wish this game existed. Must say as a form of entertainment, i could not be happier. Looking forward to know what happens next....

  14. Ahhh that is so cool, I love that! Damn do I miss the early wow days so that is definitely the hope! So appreciate the support!

  15. Do you mean The Ripple System, or is there a very different series I missed? :)

  16. Just finished this after rereading books one and two, still one of my favorite series so far. Also I love how long every book has been. Really let’s me sink into the world

  17. Yessss thank you! So glad you enjoyed it! They’ll def be staying around this length as well

  18. Just finished it, loved it! Didn’t want it to end. Such a great series. I need so much more of this!! 😁

  19. Haven’t worked with them personally but rec them all the time, great people, killer rates vs the norm and monthly payments are hard to beat

  20. Hello Kyle! my best friend recommended your books to me and I've been hooked ever since. I binged the first two so fast I was lying awake in bed just listening to them loosing sleep just to continue hearing the story, At this time I just finished listening to the third book and I absolutely loved it! Personally I loved the focus on auction house stuff and just imagining how exciting that would be in a new game where no one knows what anything's value is. My only questions would be if you know of, or read either Expeditionary force or Dungeon Crawler Carl, as those 2 plus your series are my top 3 ongoing series at the moment and I NEED someone to make fanart of Frank, Princess Donut and Skippy all together.

  21. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’ve read (and love) dcc but I haven’t read expeditionary force yet! Early on i heard there were a lot of similarities between frank and skippy so I’m kinda afraid to read it until I’m done with the series lol

  22. This shout has led me to pick up shadeslinger with this months audible credit. Excited for the experience!

  23. Worth it. Throw in a few of House's cats while you're at it.

  24. I’m on Chapter 10 and loving it. There’s a slight lack of moon hating so far, but I have faith the numbers will increase. Haha

  25. Hate when audible messes up like this, I’ve been checking the series page for awhile and it’s not listed there.

  26. Yeah takes a couple hours after launch for that to integrate for whatever reason! All set now, at least on the us side

  27. Couldn’t find it on audible, had to buy the audiobook through Amazon.

  28. I so hope you enjoy it! We’re so early that it hasn’t had time to fully pop yet so you might need to search my name or gilded ghost until it links up with the series

  29. Yeah it’s a bit behind in other regions unfortunately but seems to be popping one at a time

  30. Why two separate threads? Seems redundant, to be honest.

  31. It’s to help people who are searching for information be able to find it more easily and there’s no harm in more Reddit posts

  32. Should be but might be a couple later possibly due to processing time

  33. Congrats on the launch! Love the title and concept

  34. Is there going to be a pre-order option in Audible?

  35. It’ll be going straight to release for a quicker turnaround! Should be a post here on the Reddit when it launches

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