1. I didn't get it either. I think it depends on what you tell Delamain to do with Jackie's remains. I sent it to Vic. A friend of mine sent it to Mama Wells and got the quest.

  2. Well, then I did something terribly wrong and regret it.

  3. Please use this thread to collect info on international releases:

  4. What does Claire think when shooting out of the window? That it would stun people? She tried to kill them too. What a fucking hypocrite…

  5. Hahaha, though I've never seen her hitting anything or anyone.

  6. It's not. It's only logical, right? Otherwise you could just share your account with someone, cheat, and when the ban hammer approches you simply shout: Wasn't me, account was shared! And you're out? 🤔

  7. Happened to one of my accounts, my brother likely shared the account with his friends.

  8. I'm on _11_C.13 with Android 12 on my GT ME. Can't speak for South America, but in Europe it took me a few reboots and hitting of the Update button until the process finally started.

  9. Great comparison! I think Cyberpunk also compares to L.A. Noire, where the Open World served no other purpose than driving from one scene to the next.

  10. Props to Austria! Such a small country, not even connected to the sea. Keep it up down there!

  11. Thank so much. Such a beautiful lyrics. I'll try to understand and interpreted it. What a gif!

  12. You're welcome! And since I forgot to mention it in my original comment: 'frilingvint' translates to 'spring wind'.

  13. Verfolge aktuell auch sehr amüsiert die Posse in Potsdam.

  14. Sehr peinlich, ja. Aber der Ausfall ist nicht "monatelang" sondern besteht seit dem 29.12., also noch kein ganzer Monat.

  15. It boggles my mind that it still has white window tops, whereas the software is in dark mode per default since CS5.

  16. Windows dark mode is shit. I know this is half Adobe's problem but Windows should tint the title bars black when you use dark mode.

  17. Right, I think Windows should do this, but as long as they don't, software developers have to. See Blender. They've switched the bar to black just last year and I love it!

  18. I've got it on Steam too and every year I look at it and I just can't bring myself to start it. I always assumed it would feel kind of clunky after all these years.

  19. For me Fallout 3 was THE perfect Fallout at that time and took the whole franchise to another level. New Vegas even put the cherry on the top. But sadly it went downhill from there.

  20. HBO Max is available in Norway. Don't they have it? 🤔

  21. Very interesting, thanks! People reported that it was on HBO Max Poland, so they don't show it in all countries they operate in.

  22. VLC is a media and network player, not so much a download tool.

  23. I've just tried 8.6 but it doesn't seem to recognise the wide angle lens.

  24. Hooray! Looks like it has been resolved 🎉

  25. It's still partially down in EU, right? Instead of my previously 50 perfect games, it only shows 35 on the showcase.

  26. Aktuell sind diese Banden extrem aktiv! Bei mir haben sie vorgestern geklingelt. Ich hatte aber schon zuvor gesehen, dass es zwei dubiose Drücker sind und bin nur an die Gegensprechanlage gegangen.

  27. Haha, good question. I think the rather unsatisfying answer is: There's no black and white in Babylon Berlin. Is Gereon a purely good guy? Well, he's a murderer and quite manipulative. Is Bruno ultimately bad or just fighting for the wrong cause? Same goes for Anno. Yes, he helped a lot of people, but what were his motives?

  28. I assume you've watched season 1-2? This is where we find out that Gereon killed the Holy Josef and drowned him in concrete, that he left his brother to die on battlefield instead of helping him, that he runs black ops for his father to destroy evidence and also went after Helga for quite some time.

  29. What I understand is that Babylon Berlin is a co-production between Sky and German public broadcaster ARD.

  30. Great idea! It might just be a drop in the ocean, but better than doing nothing.

  31. Bekommst du keinen Termin oder wird die Herstellungszeit für dich zu knapp?

  32. What exactly is your problem? No cellular network connection? 🤔

  33. Yes, but only when I open settings > about device > up to date official version. Both WiFi and mobile dates

  34. Wifi and mobile dates ? I don't quite get it, sorry. Could you provide a screenshot?

  35. It's a backlog. If we all have +100 games we haven't even played, it's a backlog. I which Gog/Steam/whatever sees this and figure out something to improve on the situation.

  36. It's a backlog if someone payed you to play a hundred games a year and you still have 60 to go. That's a backlog.

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